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        About Fund Portfolio

        1. Introduction

        Fund Portfolio is a wealth management product that consists of mutual funds with different features picked by moomoo's portfolio team. It can diversify risk and increase potential income.

        2. Selected funds

        There're generally 3 to 10 funds with certain proportions in one portfolio; the portfolio is adjusted once a quarter, after which the underlying assets or proportions of the funds may change; you can view the history of adjustments in Portfolio Details.

        3. Trading rules

        The trading of a portfolio follows the trading rules of the individual funds. You can read the trading rules of each fund via Portfolio Details > Trading Rules.

        4. Positions

        Each portfolio appears as a whole in your positions. You can view the details via Trade > Universal Account > Funds > Position Details.

        5. Income

        The return on a portfolio is the total amount of return on each fund.