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        Operation guide to China A-shares account

        1. Account Opening

        You need to open a Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. account first, and then select an A-share stock to activate a China A-share account.

        For details, please refer to the account opening guide.

        2. Transaction Currency

        You need to use offshore RMB to trade A-shares. There are two ways to obtain buying power for A-shares:

        2.1 Cross-market trading

        Taking advantage of the cross-market trading feature, you can directly use your existing buying power for Hong Kong stocks or US stocks to trade A-shares.

        2.2 Currency exchange

        You can obtain offshore RMB through currency exchange.

        You can do it on your mobile phone or on our official website. For details, please refer to the currency exchange operation guide.

        3. Trade

        After choosing your Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. A-share account, you can trade A-share stocks in a similar way to Hong Kong stocks and US stocks.

        4. Stock Transfer

        Currently you cannot transfer A-shares to your China A-share account.