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How to deposit money via Wise

If you don't have a local bank account in Singapore, you may consider transferring money to us via Wise (formerly TransferWise).

Wise can help you with currency exchange and international money transfer. For example, if you have a Malaysian bank account, with Wise, you can exchange your MYR for SGD or USD and transfer your money to our receiving account.

1. Transfer money via Wise

1.1 Obtain the details of moomoo SG receiving account

In the moomoo app, you can find the details of our receiving account by going to Accounts - Transfers > Deposit > Transfer with Wise > Select deposit currency.

1.2 Initiate a transfer on Wise

1) After logging in to your Wise account, go to Home and click Send Money on the website, or tap Send in the app

2) Type in the currency and amount you want to send. Please send SGD or USD to our receiving account

3) Enter the details of moomoo SG bank account in the beneficiary information box

4) Please include your moomoo ID and name as a reference

Tip: If you didn't include your moomoo ID name as a reference, it will take longer for us to process your deposit.

2. Tell us your payment details

After a successful transfer, you need to tell us your payment details:

2.1 Go to the "Tell us your payment details" page

In the moomoo app, go to Accounts - Transfers > Deposit > Transfer with Wise > Select deposit currency, and tap the "Tell Us Your Payment" button at the bottom of the page.

2.2 Fill in the payment details

1) Please enter the transfer date, the currency and the amount we will receive

Tip: The payment information you enter is only used for matching and reference, and the final deposit is subject to the amount actually credited to your account

2) Upload your transfer receipt. If you are not sure how to find the transfer receipt, please refer to the article titled "How can I find my transfer receipt on Wise"

Note: Please provide us with the payment details within 30 days after initiating the transfer. Otherwise your deposit may be delayed or reversed.

3.  Wait for the deposit to arrive

Your money is expected to arrive within 1-3 business days. We will process your money within 1 business day after receiving it, and will notify you by email and in-app message after the deposit is completed.