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How to trade futures

You can trade futures in three steps: open a futures account, make a cash transfer, and place an order. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Open a futures account

Clients who have opened a Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. securities account can open a futures account by clicking [Trade] > [Futures Account] to enter the account opening page. 

2. Make a cash transfer

We currently only support the cash transfer to your futures account so that you will have sufficient buying power for futures trading.

Cash transfer: Transfer funds from your securities account to the futures account.


(1)Click [Trade] > [Futures Account]  to enter the futures account page. 

(2)Click [Cash Transfer] to make a transfer to your futures account. 

3. Place an order  

Clients can enter the trade page to place an order by clicking [Trade] > [Futures Account] > [Trade], and enter the futures contract code that they want to trade.