Aiming for an autonomous backlash led by high technology in the short term

Fisco Japan ·  Apr 22 19:34

The Japanese stock market on the 23rd is likely to develop in a market where it is easy to gradually strengthen this feeling after starting ahead of buying. In the US market on the 22nd, the NY Dow rose 253 dollars and the NASDAQ was 169 points higher. Sales that were wary of the increasingly tense situation in the Middle East receded, and purchases expected an autonomous backlash came in. From looking like NVIDIA's backlash led the way, buybacks became dominant due to the feeling that they were oversold due to high technology. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures are 37725 yen, 295 yen higher than Osaka. The yen exchange rate is hovering in the 150 yen 80 yen range per dollar.

It seems that it will start before buying, in the form of falling in favor of Chicago futures. Excessive sense of caution surrounding the situation in the Middle East receded, and the NASDAQ index rebounded for the first time in 7 business days in the US. There is no escape from the autonomous backlash zone, but amid movements where US high-tech stocks, where the decline was conspicuous, were bought back, it seems that the inflow of funds into high-tech stocks is becoming conscious of the value that has a large exponential impact even in the Tokyo market.

There was also a scene where yesterday's Nikkei Stock Average recovered to 37500 yen in the morning, but the movement of an autonomous backlash was limited, as it went backwards and softened to 37156 yen. The Bollinger Band is shaped so that the upper value can be suppressed to -2σ, which is moving downward, but there is a high possibility that it will exceed this today, and it seems that people will be aware of the area around 37940 yen where the 75th line is located. Although aggressive upward price tracking movements are limited, it would be easier to buy with the aim of rebounding in the short term.

Although it is a weak trend, Lasertech <6920> showed a rebound movement yesterday with close proximity to almost a low price. East Electric <8035> broke through the 75-day line, but if it seems to surpass the same line, it seems that it will move towards a movement aimed at a rebound in the near future, and it is developing while staring at high-tech stocks. Also, individual searches using financial results as clues are easy to enter, and when financial results were announced last night, it seems that trends in Tokyu Construction <1720>, Finatext<4419>, JVCKW<6632>, Daigas <9532>, Yokohama Fish <7443>, Kawagishi Engineering <5921>, and organic drugs <4531> are attracting attention.

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