BYD held the spring press conference of Fangchengbao Auto, and the “5839” of the Fangchengbao family was unveiled!

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This time, the supercar Panther 9 also made a surprise appearance!

At 20:00 p.m. on April 16, BYD held the spring press conference of Fangchengbao Auto.


This time, the Fangchengbao family “5839” appeared together!

Lian Yubo, chief scientist of BYD Group, said that based on the ultimate pursuit of off-road performance, we have successfully developed the DMO super hybrid off-road platform and launched the “583” hardcore family.

Moreover, we have four major new energy off-road cores, namely strong power exceeding the industry level and a system power of over 500 kilowatts. For the first time, the acceleration of an off-road vehicle of 100 kilometers was brought to the level of 4 seconds. At the same time, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers was only 7.8 liters, so the more blocked the city was, the more economical it became.

Panther 5

Xiong Tianbo, general manager of Fangchengbao Auto, said that in order to make everyone's cars more unique, our official accessories, including hand stand holders, carbon steel pedals, car tool platforms, nitrogen shock absorbers, etc. can now be purchased in offline stores, and soon we will all be on our official online store.

Regarding the Panther 5, Xiong Tianbo pointed out that since it was launched in November last year, the total delivery volume of the Leopard 5 is close to 20,000 units, and it has been the champion of the new energy Daliang hardcore SUV for three consecutive months.


Many people drove Panther 5 through Gobi in the desert, walked the steepest slope, and climbed the wildest sand. The sand in the desert is very soft and easy to flow, and the adhesion is very low, and the wheels are very easy to idle and slip inside.

If you want to be at any disadvantage in the desert, you need to achieve the ultimate in two aspects. The first is to be strong enough and have the power to be on call. Second, accurate recognition and quick response to road conditions can not only be energetic, but can also be used in the right place at the right time.

Regarding power, the era of fuel vehicles was based on engine displacement theory of strength and weakness, but in the era of new energy, the output power of motors is the most direct reflection. Therefore, even though the nearly 3-ton Leopard 5 is only equipped with a 1.5T high-power engine, when equipped with a 200-kilowatt front motor and a 285-kilowatt rear motor, its total system power reached 505 kilowatts, which is almost a sign of 5.0T displacement in the fuel era.

Fast response and accurate recognition are the second killer that the pad gave to the Leopard 5. The response speed of the motor is measured in milliseconds. In the time the fuel vehicle's torque is adjusted once, the Leopard 5 has already been adjusted 20 times, which is even shorter than when a person blinks their eyes once.

At the same time, thanks to BYD's roots in the field of new energy for 30 years, Panther 5 has excellent thermal management capabilities. In the case of long-term high power output, the Leopard 5's motor will not be limited.

The Leopard 5 combines a mechanical lock with the power of electricity. The front and rear toothpick-type mechanical locks are stable and reliable, and the electric integration makes the front and rear torque transfer 30 times faster than traditional middle locks. When electricity and machinery collide, it is fast and stable. This also allows Panther 5 to have a strong ability to get out of trouble, and can easily cope with dirt roads in off-road.


In addition to flying sand, walking stones, and having fun in the mud, Panther 5 can also travel long distances.

Crossing the Kunlun Mountains, the mountain roads are difficult, the climate is harsh, and the various road conditions of mud and dirt present great challenges to the vehicle's comprehensive off-road ability and reliability. At the same time, the elevation of the crossing of the Kria Trail changes greatly, and the air is thin. The power decay of traditional fuel-fueled off-road vehicles is also a major challenge in crossing.

With all-round off-road capability, super power, large torque, and an innate advantage that power is not affected by the environment under the DMO architecture with three smart locks and electric power, the Panther 5 successfully crossed the Crimean Trail with zero vehicle damage.

The low energy consumption for everyday use in the city is also Panther 5's ability to watch the house. The Panther 5, which is equipped with the DMO platform, mainly uses electric drives on a daily basis. The engine is used as an aid and has been in the most efficient working range for a long time, squeezing out every drop of fuel energy. However, driving modes such as intelligent electronic control, accurate switching, series and parallel connection have less energy loss and no waste, and have achieved the highest efficiency of the entire system, and the more blocked and the more economical it is.

Scenes of daily high-frequency use include expressways, ordinary roads, morning and evening peaks, and congested roads with traffic lights. The fuel consumption of the Leopard 5 is basically 6-7 liters. On rainy days, it will be slightly higher, about 7-8 liters.

As a hardcore SUV with its own outdoor attributes, the Panther 5 has an industry-leading 6 kilowatt external discharge capacity. It can support electric hot pots, induction cookers, refrigerators, coffee machines, lighting, atmosphere lights, heaters, air fryers, etc. at the same time, and is not afraid to trip.

In order to allow users to have more fun in nature, Panther 5 is also equipped with an industry-leading in-situ power generation capacity of 20 kilowatts. It is more powerful than many household diesel generators you can buy, and the freedom to use multiple electricity is within easy reach. It is unique in terms of electricity.

Panther 8

Lian Yubo, chief scientist of BYD Group, pointed out that the Leopard 8 is the hardcore flagship SUV model of the Equation Panther brand, and the design of the Leopard 8 uses the aesthetic language of future Starships.

The design of the Panther 8 uses the aesthetic language of future Starships and is a disruptive design. On the side, metal instruments are used to create the sharp V-shaped surface of the Starship, showing strong visual impact and extreme lighting effects.

In terms of configuration, the Leopard 8 is equipped with a hybrid four-wheel drive system, as well as a Yunni-P intelligent hydraulic body control system. The Leopard 8 is equipped with a vertical high-power engine+special CTC battery+special off-road rear drive assembly, and an integrated electronic differential lock.

At the same time, we incorporated the ultimate ratio and body posture into the design. The water tangent extending from the hood characteristics and the suspended roof controlled the car window ratio at 3:1 while taking into account the passenger's field of view. With a wide drawout and strong shoulder padding, it showed the strong volume of the explosion.


Panther 3

The Super 3 is positioned as a compact SUV. Lian Yubo said that in the next step, Panther 3 will be used to find new ways to deconstruct sexual entertainment. How do you define personalized fun? We want it to be a dexterous exterior. Formula Panther's “SUPER 3” design was inspired by Star Wars.

Additionally, Super 3 will be equipped with a Star Wars chassis.

At the same time, the Internet of Everything is the future development trend of mobile mobility. The Super Three Internet of Everything smart screen perfectly shows the social interactivity of the vehicle. Design definitions are based on actual scenarios, the current driving environment and the driving state of the vehicle are perceived in real time, making independent decisions, and collaborating with multiple terminals such as vehicles, drones, and mobile phones to create a full-scene ecosystem interconnection.


Panther 9

This time, the supercar Panther 9 made a surprise debut!

According to official reports, as a sports car, the Leopard 9 uses a suspended double-wing butterfly door to enhance aesthetics and functionality at the bottom, and designed two functional blades — a suspended blade — to obtain better aerodynamic performance.

From the beginning, the vehicle perfectly combines aerodynamics with lightweight design. This design allows Super 9 to remain stable at high speeds, improving performance and fuel efficiency. The Leopard 9 uses carbon fiber frame technology, which makes it extremely lightweight, and at the same time ensures the structural strength and maximum performance of the Leopard 9.


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