Hengbang Co., Ltd. (002237.SZ): The controlling shareholder Jiangxi Copper has transferred a total of 3.23 million “Hengbang Convertible Bonds”

Gelonghui Finance ·  Apr 10 07:19

Gelonghui, April 10 | Hengbang Co., Ltd. (002237.SZ) announced that on April 10, 2024, the company received the controlling shareholder Jiangxi Copper's “Notice on Reducing the Shareholding Ratio of Convertible Corporate Bonds of Shandong Hengbang Smelting Co., Ltd. by 10%” and learned that between December 22, 2023 and April 10, 2024, Jiangxi Copper transferred a total of 3,233,400.00 shares of the company's total convertible bonds issued through centralized bidding transactions.

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