港股异动 | 内房股普遍上扬 3月小阳春成色稍显不足 近期多地加码提振楼市

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Domestic housing stocks generally rose, and the results of Xiaoyangchun were slightly insufficient in March and recently boosted the property market in many places

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 9 02:56

The Zhitong Finance App learned that domestic housing stocks generally rose. As of press release, China's Jinmao (00817) rose 6% to HK$0.53; Zhongliang Holdings (02772) rose 5.5% to HK$0.21; R&F Real Estate (02777) rose 4.82% to HK$0.87; Ocean Group (03377) rose 3.77% to HK$0.275; Sunac China (01918) rose 3% to HK$1.03.

According to the news, real estate policies have recently been relaxed in many places. Specifically, Hebei, Hunan, and Qinhuangdao have adjusted their provident fund policies; Qingdao has issued a number of new property market policies; Harbin's real estate “white list” has been implemented; Fuzhou, Chaozhou, Shanwei and other places have lifted the lower interest rate limit for the first home loan; Changshu, Yuyi and other places have issued housing purchase subsidy policies; and places such as Zhengzhou and Nanjing have implemented second-hand housing trade-in policies.

Some analysts pointed out that the recent relaxation of policies in several cities is boosting expectations by lowering costs, further boosting market recovery in the second quarter, and will also have a positive impact on housing companies' sales. Dongwu Securities, on the other hand, believes that although there was a seasonal recovery in Xiaoyangchun in March, the results were slightly insufficient. We look forward to the gradual opening of real estate policies in more core cities in April and May, further boosting market demand and confidence. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the extent to which credit support for the “white list” project is being promoted.

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