大摩:维持药明生物(02269)“增持”评级 目标价63.1港元

Damo: Maintain the target price of “gain” rating of Pharmacovigenics (02269) at HK$63.1

Zhitong Finance ·  Mar 27 01:35

Damo said that Yao Ming Biotech's 2023 performance was basically in line with expectations.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Morgan Stanley released a research report stating that it maintains the “gain” rating of Pharmaceutical Biotech (02269), with a target price of HK$63.1. The company's 2023 performance was basically in line with expectations, including adjusted profit of RMB 4.699 billion and revenue of RMB 17 billion, an increase of 11.6%. Excluding COVID factors, revenue increased 37.7% year-on-year. The company guides revenue growth of 5%-10% in 2024, and an 8%-14% year-on-year increase when COVID factors are deducted. Damo believes that it is possible and solid to increase the number of units.

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