港股异动 | 餐饮股集体回暖 海底捞(06862)预计去年净利超44亿元 春节期间餐饮消费火爆

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Catering stocks are recovering collectively, Haidilao (06862) expects net profit to exceed 4.4 billion yuan last year, and food and beverage consumption is booming during the Spring Festival

Zhitong Finance ·  Feb 20 22:54

The Zhitong Finance App learned that catering stocks were collectively picking up in early trading. As of press release, Helens (09869) rose 6.23% to HK$3.41; Jiumaojiu (09922) rose 5.92% to HK$5.01; Nai Xue's tea (02150) rose 5.69% to HK$2.97; Xiabuxiabu (00520) rose 5.56% to HK$1.9; Haidilao (06862) rose 3.32% to HK$14.3.

According to the news, Haidilao issued a positive profit forecast. According to the announcement, in 2023, Haidilao's continuing business revenue is expected to be no less than 41.4 billion yuan, an increase of no less than 33.3% over the same period; the net profit from continuing operations for the same period is expected to be no less than 4.4 billion yuan, while its net profit for 2022 is 1.64 billion yuan.

In addition, according to monitoring data from the commercial department, catering, retail and catering sales in many parts of the country achieved double-digit growth compared to the same period in 2023, and showed that price increases were superior to volume increases, and consumption power picked up. Haitong Securities also said that during the Spring Festival, all provinces and cities achieved varying degrees of growth in key food monitoring data.

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