微软市值上涨12%至2.8万亿美元 距离苹果仅一步之遥

Microsoft's market capitalization rose 12% to $2.8 trillion, just one step away from Apple

環球市場播報 ·  12/01/2023 20:21

The market value of Microsoft increased by 12.1% to 2.82 trillion US dollars in the past November, only one step away from Apple's 2.95 trillion US dollars.

In November, the market value of global multinational companies, represented by large technology companies, rose sharply. The reason is that US Treasury yields have declined, and expectations that global central banks may cut interest rates are growing, and people's concerns about inflation are weakening.

Over the past month, Apple's market capitalization rose 11.2% to 2.95 trillion US dollars, making it the company with the highest market capitalization in the world. Microsoft followed suit, increasing its market capitalization by 12.1% to $2.82 trillion.

Furthermore, Nvidia's market capitalization soared 14.7% to $1.16 trillion, ranking sixth in the world. The company recently announced a 206% year-on-year increase in revenue for the third quarter to US$18.1 billion. At the same time, Nvidia also expects fourth-quarter revenue to be higher than expected, mainly due to improved supply chain conditions and strong market demand for its artificial intelligence chips.

Also ahead of Nvidia are Google's parent company Alphabet and Amazon, with market capitalization of 1.67 trillion US dollars and 1.51 trillion US dollars respectively, ranking fourth and fifth in order.

The easing of concerns about inflation has also given a significant boost to bank stocks. By the end of November, J.P. Morgan's market capitalization had increased by 12.2% to $451 billion.

In other industries, Tesla's market capitalization increased by nearly 20% last month to 763.2 billion US dollars, ranking ninth in the world. Previously, Tesla raised the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in the Chinese market. According to data from market research firm Rho Motion, China's monthly electric vehicle sales in October reached a record high despite the cessation of subsidies.

Instead, falling oil prices have led to a decline in the market value of major oil companies. The market capitalization of Saudi Aramco and ExxonMobil declined by 0.3% and 2.9%, respectively. Despite this, Saudi Aramco's market capitalization is as high as $2.14 trillion, ranking third in the world.

In addition, Facebook's parent company Meta has a market capitalization of US$840.7 billion, ranking 7th in the world; TSMC has a market capitalization of US$478.4 billion, ranking 13th; and Tencent has a market capitalization of US$398.4 billion, ranking 18th in the world.

Attachment: The 20 companies with the highest market capitalization in the world

1. Apple: market value of $2.95 trillion

2. Microsoft: market capitalization of $2.82 trillion

3. Saudi Arabian National Oil Company: market value of $2.14 trillion

4. Alphabet: market capitalization 1.67 trillion

5. Amazon: market capitalization of $1.51 trillion

6. Nvidia: market capitalization of $1.16 trillion

7. Meta: market capitalization of $840.7 billion

8. Berkshire Hathaway: market capitalization of $783.1 billion

9. Tesla: market capitalization of $763.2 billion

10. Eli Lilly: market capitalization of $561.1 billion

11. Visa: market capitalization of $515.5 billion

12. UnitedHealth Group: Market capitalization US$511.5 billion

13. TSMC: Market capitalization of US$478.4 billion

14. J.P. Morgan: market capitalization of $451 billion

15. SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust: market capitalization of US$431.3 billion

16. Walmart: market capitalization of US$419.1 billion

17. ExxonMobil: market capitalization of $407.2 billion

18. Tencent: market capitalization of US$398.4 billion

19. Mastercard: market capitalization of 388.1 billion US dollars

20. Louis Vuitton: market capitalization of $386.9 billion

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