异动直击 | 科网股集体高开,美国通胀放缓超预期,加息预期大幅回落

Direct impact of changes | ICT stocks collectively opened higher, US inflation slowed more than expected, and expectations of interest rate hikes fell sharply

Zhitong Finance ·  11/15/2023 09:27

On November 15, it was reported that science and technology network stocks collectively opened higher in early trading.$Hang Seng TECH Index (800700.HK)$At one point, it rose by more than 3%. As of press time,$JD-SW (09618.HK)$Increased 4.37% to HK$103.9;$MEITUAN-W (03690.HK)$Increased 3.97% to HK$112.6;$XPENG-W (09868.HK)$It rose 5.16% to HK$66.25.

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According to news, on November 14, local time, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that in October, the US CPI recorded 3.2% year-on-year, the same as last month. Both were lower than the 3.3% and 0.1% growth previously anticipated by the market, and were also lower than the 3.7% and 0.4% growth of the previous month. In response to this data, industry experts generally interpreted that the Federal Reserve “in fact” may have ended this round of interest rate hikes. There will be no further interest rate hikes in the future, at least during the year, and interest rate cuts next year are already under consideration. Affected by this, the three major US stock indices rose sharply overnight, technology stocks took the lead in gains, and popular Chinese securities traded clearly higher.

CICC pointed out that in the short term, slowing inflation means that the need for the Fed to raise interest rates further has declined, hopes for a soft landing in the US economy are rising, investors' risk appetite has improved, and assets that have been adjusted a lot in the previous period are expected to rebound. Guoyuan International said earlier that as it enters a period of intensive financial disclosure in the third quarter, the overall valuation of the Internet sector will be revised to 2024 expectations. Currently, the valuation of the overseas Internet industry is at an all-time low, and there is a high margin of safety. The bank believes that the Q4 performance of the Internet sector is expected to grow further.

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