港股异动 | 福莱特玻璃(06865)涨超6%领涨光伏股 光伏有望快速探底 未来半年有望逐步价格企稳

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Follett Glass (06865) rose more than 6%, leading photovoltaic stocks, photovoltaic stocks, photovoltaics is expected to quickly bottom out, and prices are expected to gradually stabilize in the next half a year

Zhitong Finance ·  11/03/2023 13:54

Most photovoltaic stocks rose. As of press release, Follett Glass (06865) rose 6.69% to HK$15.3; Xinyi Solar (00968) rose 4.89% to HK$4.93; and Xinyi Glass (00868) rose 4.03% to HK$9.3.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that the majority of photovoltaic stocks have risen. As of press release, Follett Glass (06865) is up 6.69% to HK$15.3; Xinyi Solar (00968) is up 4.89% to HK$4.93; Xinyi Glass (00868) is up 4.03% to HK$9.3; Kaisheng Xinneng (01108) is up 3.19% to HK$3.88; GCL (03800) is up 2.59% to HK$1.19.

According to the news, in the China Energy Group's 2023 PV module collection, the price of the P-type module without freight was 0.971 yuan per watt, which is even lower than the price of 0.9933 yuan per watt that appeared in the Huadian Group tender, which had received much attention before. Experts said that in the face of a serious imbalance between supply and demand, the possibility of falling below the cost line before the end of the year is not ruled out. When all of the backward production capacity is cleared, the price war is expected to end in the fourth quarter of next year.

Pacific Securities pointed out that photovoltaics has reached a critical window with a countercyclical layout. Judging from the photovoltaic industry cycle in the past, the industry's decline cycle will be very fast. Currently, judging from product prices and expectations, this decline cycle has reached a critical period; prices are expected to gradually stabilize in the next six months, and supply and demand are expected to be reshaped in the next year through technological progress and other means.

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