港股异动 | 网龙(00777)涨超4%领涨游戏股 8月国内游戏市场回暖 机构看好行业复苏

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | NetDragon (00777) rose more than 4%, leading game stocks, domestic game market recovery in August, institutions are optimistic about industry recovery

Zhitong Finance ·  10/10/2023 13:37

Zhitong Finance App learned that gaming stocks continued to rebound. As of press release, NetDragon (00777) rose 4.16% to HK$14.52; Xindong (02400) rose 4.12% to HK$13.64; NetEase-S (09999) rose 3.62% to HK$166; and China Mobile Gaming (00302) rose 1.56% to HK$1.3.

According to the news, the “Game Industry Report for August 2023” released by Gamma Data shows that in August 2023, the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market was 29.226 billion yuan, up 2.15% from the previous month, up 46.08% from the previous year, and the year-on-year increase increased again.

Guojin Securities pointed out that the recovery in supply is driving the release of performance. Coupled with the pullback in the game sector in the previous period, they are optimistic about the investment value of the gaming sector. Capital Securities said that entertainment consumption is recovering steadily, the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is expected to increase flexibility, the industry is recovering as scheduled, and game companies still have the best value for money.

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