中手游(00302)发布中期业绩 股东应占溢利5682.4万元 同比扭亏为盈

China Mobile Games (00302) Announces Interim Results, Profit attributable to Shareholders of 56.824 million yuan, turned a year-on-year loss into a profit

Zhitong Finance ·  08/25/2023 21:58

Zhitong Financial App News, China Mobile Gaming (00302) announced its interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2023. Group revenue was RMB 1,535 billion (same unit), an increase of 24.55% over the previous year; profit attributable to shareholders was 56.824 million yuan, while loss was RMB 21.901 million in the same period last year; profit of 2.06 points per share;

According to the announcement, the Group relied on its own advantages and accumulation in the field of game distribution and R&D, combined with its own superior intellectual property resources, and established three business segments: IP game R&D and global distribution, own IP operation, and Guofeng Metaverse Platform, and created an IP gaming ecosystem with the core competitiveness of “IP Resources - Independent R&D and Joint R&D - Global Distribution - Own IP Operation - Guofeng Metaverse Platform”. In 2023, domestic game versions will continue to be distributed on a regular basis, and many of the Group's games have successfully obtained version numbers. In the first half of 2023, the Group launched 8 new mobile games, injecting new strength into the Group's game landscape. At the same time, many self-developed games also entered the pre-launch testing phase. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) technology, the Group quickly applied AIGC technology to independent R&D and distribution business processes, improving game development and distribution efficiency while reducing R&D and distribution costs, and fully reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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