港股异动 | 中教控股(00839)涨超9%领涨教育股 行业龙头已逐步验证业绩成长稳健性与持续性

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | China Education Holdings (00839) rose more than 9% to lead the education stock industry leaders have gradually verified the steadiness and sustainability of performance growth

Zhitong Finance ·  07/31/2023 10:21

The Zhitong Finance App learned that the vocational education unit continued to rise. As of press release, China Education Holdings (00839) rose 9.22% to HK$7.7; China Oriental Education (00667) rose 7.1% to HK$3.62; New Higher Education Group (02001) rose 6.54% to HK$2.77; Hope Education (01765) rose 5.26% to HK$0.6; and Yuhua Education (06169) rose 5.1% to HK$1.03.

According to the news, Guosheng Securities released a research report saying that early private higher education sector valuation errors and policy concerns provided a high margin of safety. Currently, the sector's content and high-quality development tone have been basically determined. Under the endogenous model, industry leaders have gradually verified the steadiness and sustainability of performance growth. As the policy orientation gradually becomes clear, undergraduate valuations and sentiment are expected to improve steadily. It is recommended to focus on sector layout opportunities and select industry leaders with leading growth potential and outstanding qualitative advantages in their institutions.

Haitong Securities believes that 25 is the year of acceptance of vocational education development achievements, and 23 or 24 may be a policy-intensive promotion period to vigorously develop vocational education, so the development of vocational education is expected to receive strong policy support.

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