港股异动 | 新高教集团(02001)涨近6%领涨职教股 首个国家重大行业产教融合共同体成立

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | The New Higher Education Group (02001) rose nearly 6% to lead the vocational education stock market. The first industrial education integration community in a major national industry was established

Zhitong Finance ·  07/27/2023 11:11

Zhitong Financial APP learned that vocational education stocks continued to rise. As of press time, Zhongjiao Holdings (00839) rose 5.56% to HK $6.83, New higher Education Group (02001) rose 5.44% to HK $2.52, Zhonghui Group (00382) rose 3.91% to HK $2.39, and Hope Education (01765) rose 3.77% to HK $0.55.

On the news side, the first national industry-education integration community of major industries and the establishment meeting of the national rail transit equipment industry industry-education integration community was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The meeting stressed that vocational education is an important pole in building a powerful educational country, and the important task of vocational education at present and in the future is to speed up the construction of a modern vocational education system.

The General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued the Circular on key tasks for accelerating the Construction and Reform of the Modern Vocational Education system, and issued 11 key tasks for the construction and reform of the modern vocational education system. The circular points out that by 2025, about 300 national informatization benchmarking schools will be built, driving the construction of about 1000 regional informatization benchmarking schools, and promoting the deep integration of information technology and vocational colleges.

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