Moomoo 24/7 ·  Feb 6 19:42  · Earnings

DBS Q4 Net Profit Rises 2% YoY to S$2.39 Billion; Recommends S$0.54 per Share Dividend and 1-for-10 Bonus Issue.

  • DBS Q4 Net Profit Beats Estimates, Rises to S$2.39 Billion

  • DBS Proposes Final Dividend of 54 Cents per Share and 1-for-10 Bonus Issue

  • DBS Q4 Net Interest Margin Expands to 2.13% from 2.05% YoY

  • DBS Achieves Record High ROE of 18% in 2023, Up from 15% in 2022

  • DBS Maintains Net Interest Income Guidance for 2024 at Last Year's Levels

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