PICO取消PICO 5研发转向新项目?知情人士:“天鹅”项目一直有

PICO cancels PICO 5 R&D and shifts to new projects? People familiar with the matter: There has always been a “swan” project

Moomoo 24/7 ·  Dec 14, 2023 08:21
Today, there are reports that PICO, the leading VR headset company owned by ByteDance, will cancel the original PICO 5 R&D plan and instead develop a high-end MR headset codenamed “Swan (Swan)” to target Apple's Vision Pro. Furthermore, the news further pointed out that in the midst of the layoffs, a total of more than 400 employees have been dismissed, more than 600 employees have been transferred to ByteDance Central, and PICO has been reduced from a team of more than 1,800 people at the beginning of this year to more than 800 people. In this regard, evidence was sought from PICO. As of press release, PICO has not responded to the abandonment of PICO 5 research and development and layoffs. However, a person familiar with the matter revealed, “The Swan (Swan) project has always existed, and research and development is underway.” According to information, the Swan (Swan) project is currently in the experimental and conceptual stages, and it is unclear whether it will eventually be commercialized. (Sina Technology)
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