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    Lagenda fell to a standstill this morning, rumor has it that senior officials have been detained by the Anti-Corruption Association
    Lagenda Industries $LAGENDA(7179.MY)$ Today, in the face of huge selling pressure, the stock price fell directly to a plateau level in less than half an hour after opening, and intraday short selling (IDSS) was also banned.
    Meanwhile, news broke that senior officials had been detained by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (MACC); the company had a strong trend throughout the day and ranked 3rd in the Malaysian stock market decline list.
    In response to this, in addition to banning the Lagenda industry's intraday short selling activities, the Malaysian Exchange also issued an unusual trading activity (UMA) question to the company.
    As of the closure of the market, Lagenda Industries has yet to respond to UMA questions from the Malaysian Stock Exchange, but revealed to investment bank analysts that one of the company's senior executives has been detained by the Anti-Corruption Bureau to help investigate a case dividing a Malay reserve in Manjung County, Perak.
    According to “The Edge” report, Gus Linde Jixing, head of industrial investment and investor relations at Lagenda, emphasized during the analysts' meeting that the company's business will continue to operate normally as an industry developer.
    He did not reveal the real identity of the detained senior management, but indicated that Cai Shenghui (transliteration), the company's executive director, will temporarily assume the position of company leader.
    The current managing director of Lagenda Industries is Dato' Zhuo Zhiming.
    According to Bloomberg data, a total of 5 investment banks previously tracked the stock and gave them a “buy” rating. The average target price for the past 12 months was RM2.04.
    Source: Nanyang Siang Pao
    Disclaimer: This...
    Lagenda fell to a standstill this morning, rumor has it that senior officials have been detained by the Anti-Corruption Association
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    $SIME(4197.MY)$ keep dropping..........
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    Foreign investment made a net purchase of 470 million yuan last week, but the intensity declined
    Foreign investors continued to buy Malaysian stocks for the 5th week, with a net inflow of RM474.1 million last week, which was slightly inferior to the previous week's net inflow of RM883.9 million.
    According to the capital flow report released by MIDF Research on Monday, the April inflation data released last week remained stable, while exports increased 9.1% year-on-year in April, which is expected to support China's economic growth.
    Due to the Vesak holiday on Wednesday (22nd), there were only 4 trading days last week. Among them, the net purchase amount of foreign capital was the highest on Thursday, reaching RM474.5 million, while the net inflow of foreign capital on Monday was RM102.6 million, with a slight outflow of Malaysian stocks for the remaining days.
    Last week, the sectors most favored by foreign investors were transportation logistics (RM221.4 million), technology (RM183.3 million), and construction (RM77 million).
    Meanwhile, farming (-40.7 million ringgit), healthcare (-34.2 million ringgit), and consumer goods and services (-34 million ringgit) have become the three major sectors affected by foreign capital flight last week.
    Local institutions, on the other hand, have been net sellers of Malaysian stocks for 4 consecutive weeks, with net sales totaling RM192.5 million.
    As for retail investors, which were the biggest net sellers last week, the net outflow was RM281.6 million, leaving for the 11th week in a row.
    In terms of participation, Malaysia's average daily trading volume (ADTV) increased last week, with retail investors increasing by 7.1%; local institutions by 12.4%; and foreign investment by 18.3%.
    Foreign investors bought net shares last week...
    Foreign capital inflows into Malaysian stocks continued for 5 weeks and made a net purchase of 470 million yuan last week
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    Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Keluarga Bhd (Takaful Malaysia) posted a 40 per cent increase in revenue of RM892.2 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024 (1Q24). 
    This was a substantial increase of RM256.9 million compared to RM635.3 million registered in the same period of the previous year.  
    The group said the revenue growth was mainly driven by higher contribution recognised from the general takaful business an...
    Takaful Malaysia's Q1 Revenue Surges 40pct to RM892.2mil
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    $TAKAFUL(6139.MY)$ highest profit in last 8 quarters
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    Event Description & Financial Performance Overview
    INARI AMERTRON BERHAD demonstrated robust performance growth in the third quarter of the 2024 fiscal year. Revenue increased from RM276 million in the same period last year to RM348 million, marking a year-on-year growth of 26%. This growth was primarily driven by the increase in global smartphone shipments and the recovery of the semiconductor...
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    $Arm Holdings(ARM.US)$ protect yourselves.  softbank will sell shares
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    $RHBBANK(1066.MY)$ why growth so little.  very jealous when see cimb and maybank…