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    Foreign investment made a net purchase of 470 million yuan last week, but the intensity declined
    Foreign investors continued to buy Malaysian stocks for the 5th week, with a net inflow of RM474.1 million last week, which was slightly inferior to the previous week's net inflow of RM883.9 million.
    According to the capital flow report released by MIDF Research on Monday, the April inflation data released last week remained stable, while exports increased 9.1% year-on-year in April, which is expected to support China's economic growth.
    Due to the Vesak holiday on Wednesday (22nd), there were only 4 trading days last week. Among them, the net purchase amount of foreign capital was the highest on Thursday, reaching RM474.5 million, while the net inflow of foreign capital on Monday was RM102.6 million, with a slight outflow of Malaysian stocks for the remaining days.
    Last week, the sectors most favored by foreign investors were transportation logistics (RM221.4 million), technology (RM183.3 million), and construction (RM77 million).
    Meanwhile, farming (-40.7 million ringgit), healthcare (-34.2 million ringgit), and consumer goods and services (-34 million ringgit) have become the three major sectors affected by foreign capital flight last week.
    Local institutions, on the other hand, have been net sellers of Malaysian stocks for 4 consecutive weeks, with net sales totaling RM192.5 million.
    As for retail investors, which were the biggest net sellers last week, the net outflow was RM281.6 million, leaving for the 11th week in a row.
    In terms of participation, Malaysia's average daily trading volume (ADTV) increased last week, with retail investors increasing by 7.1%; local institutions by 12.4%; and foreign investment by 18.3%.
    Foreign investors bought net shares last week...
    Foreign capital inflows into Malaysian stocks continued for 5 weeks and made a net purchase of 470 million yuan last week
    As the 2024 Papertrading Challenge continues, we're eager to share the current standings on the Australian stock papertrading leaderboard.
    Without further ado, congratulations to the top 10 mooers who topped the leaderboard!
    @Hojubu @Vortekh @P u f f a g i r l @neilbryan03 @JackMa0910 @151170667 @CoolShiba @无为而治_151737923 @151435752 @151315661
    Some winners shared their profits in the moomoo community, let us appreciate...
    ASX Papertrading Weekly Leaderboard Update: Who are topping the Week 3 chart?
    Earnings Preview
    Several of Canada's largest banks report earnings over the rest of the month, including $Bank of Montreal(BMO.CA)$ , $Bank of Nova Scotia(BNS.CA)$ , $Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CM.CA)$ , and $Royal Bank of Canada(RY.CA)$.
    Bank of America Securities analysts maintained "buy" ratings on the stocks of Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), with "neutral" ratings on TD, Bank of Nova Sc...
    The Week Ahead (BMO, CM, RY, COST and CRM Earnings; Canada Q1 GDP and US PCE Data)
    The Week Ahead (BMO, CM, RY, COST and CRM Earnings; Canada Q1 GDP and US PCE Data)
    Shenzhou International (02313.HK), as a large-scale vertically integrated knitting manufacturer in China, has always won the favor of internationally renowned brands including NIKE, UNIQLO, ADIDAS and PUMA with its stable production capacity and high-quality products. These brands are highly recognized for Shenzhou International's supply chain responsiveness and product quality, making them one of their main foundries.
    Shenzhou International focuses on the production and sale of various knitwear products. The company is famous for its vertically integrated production model, which covers all production links from fabric research and development, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing and embroidery, cutting to sewing. One of the company's core competencies is its efficiently integrated supply chain. This enabled the company to respond quickly to market demand and quickly produce high-quality products, making it the number one knitwear exporter in China for several years in a row.
    It is worth mentioning that Shenzhou International has a global market layout. Its core markets include China, Europe, the United States, and Japan. The advantages of this layout are that it is less dependent on a single market, a stable sales environment, and low risk. Currently, the company is still actively considering further expanding its overseas production capacity layout.
    Faced with fluctuations in the global economy and continuous changes in the consumer market, how to find new growth points in the face of challenges has become the focus of investors' attention.
    Financial performance
    As of the end of December 2023, Shenzhou International's revenue was RMB 24.97 billion...
    Shenzhou International's stock price bucked the trend, a hidden opportunity for the Hong Kong stock market
    Shenzhou International's stock price bucked the trend, a hidden opportunity for the Hong Kong stock market
    $SUNZEN(0148.MY)$ had a huge breakout from its RM 0.37 major resistance levels, breaking out all the way towards the RM 0.40 regions with huge volume and buying momentum.
    For now as long as able to sustain above its RM 0.355 immediate support, could continue on towards and beyond the RM 0.42 - RM 0.44+ regions soon.
    Overall uptrend very healthy and strong here.
    Support: RM 0.37, RM 0.355 areas
    Resistance: RM 0.40, RM 0.42, RM 0.44 areas
    SUNZEN [Titan Weekend Chart Reviews]
    Tesla's main trend is always upward, and the bottom line of the game in this round is 167.750. Tesla's historic root zone is 160.510-138.800. A decline is a buying opportunity; how to choose the right opportunity is a technical activity.
    99% of the power in the world will lead you to mediocrity, and the crowd is the main force of this 99% power. Every time an opportunity comes, it must go through four stages: unseen, unintelligible, and too late. Tesla's long and empty power balance is slowly but powerfully undergoing profound changes. Standing back at 160.510 itself means starting a prelude to a round of rising markets. There is no such thing as a rebound rise on the part of strategic investors; there is only a reversal rise.
    When the secondary trend is sharply opposed to the main trend, whether it is a continuous decline or a discrete intermittent decline, their end stage, not the end, begins to be divided into gradients and batches, discrete random variables, and a planned and systematic position layout.
    End: You can only get infinitely close, you can't know it directly, you can't meet it. They are also people who have lost their share career, so why brag when you meet them? The financial market is guarded by two major demons, namely (1) the principle of undetectability and (2) the principle of spatial orientation disorder. As long as it is not destroyed, there is an opportunity to obtain it.
    The best stage of investment is: long and empty opinions are sharply opposed, and the situation seems “the worse the better”. The truth is often held in the heart and brain of a few people. People like to gather in groups to keep warm, and they always want to...
    Defensive counterattack
    Defensive counterattack
    Defensive counterattack
    Just add a position for less than $1, no reduction! Go for it brothers
    Shuangxiong's strong performance in the 3rd quarter, Yang Zhongli's agency made a big profit of nearly 500 million. Yang Zhongli Electric Power's net profit increased 34%
    Organised by Yang Zhongli $YTL(4677.MY)$Yang Zhongli's family of companies, led by the group, today announced outstanding results for the 3rd quarter of the 2024 fiscal year.
    Due to the increase in overall business revenue and profit, Yang Zhongli's net profit for the third quarter ending March 1 increased 19.82% year-on-year to RM49,231,000.
    The agency reported to the Malaysian Stock Exchange that revenue for the quarter was recorded at RM7.24,000, down 1.66% year on year, mainly due to a decrease in the revenue contribution of the construction sector.
    However, due to improved earnings in the construction sector, its profits continued to grow positively, while the industrial investment and development sector and the management services sector turned losses into profits.
    Earn 1.6 billion in the first 9 months
    Other sectors, such as the building materials industry, the hotel and utilities sector, have maintained excellent growth.
    In the first nine months, Yang Zhongli's institutional net profit recorded a total of RM1,67.172,000, a year-on-year increase of 193%; revenue also increased 9% to RM22.258.5 billion.
    Tan Sri Yang Subin, executive chairman of Yang Zhongli's agency, said in a statement that, driven by higher overall performance, the company continued to achieve strong results in the third quarter.
    “The company's profit before interest, amortization and depreciation (EBITDA) increased 64% to RM7 billion in the nine months ending March 1, compared to RM4.3 billion in the same period last year.”
    Looking forward to the future, the organization anticipates its daily operation and constant observation of the office...
    Shuangxiong's strong performance in the 3rd quarter
    Today, let's delve into the risks and returns of option buyers and sellers.
    First, a question: Think back to your first option trade. Were you a buyer or a seller?
    I bet most of you started as option buyers because being an option buyer means "unlimited returns, limited risks." Who wouldn't want to risk less for higher rewards? However, when it comes to option sellers, many hesitate because being an option seller ...