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    Dear customer, if you need to change the trading password, you may click:
    Mobile app: Me- Settings - Trade - Moomoo SG Trading Password
    Desktop: “☰“ at the bottom left corner - Security - More Settings - Change Password - Trading Password Management
    Thanks for your support. Have a nice day!
    @Tuấnem95:I forgot my password, can someone help me how to retrieve my password?
    How to Paper Trade on moomoo
    Dear customer, your comments are very valuable to us. They have been recorded here and will be forwarded to the relevant departments. We are committed to providing our users with a high quality service experience, and your feedback will help us continue to improve. For a detailed introduction to the quantization function, please check Thank you for your support!
    Dear valued customer, Currently supports Quant Trading in Windows moomoo. [Mac, Android, and IOS] are not supported. For details about Quant Trading, please check Thank you and have a good day!
    @generous Gnu_9752:is it only applicable in computer?how about in mobile phone?
    01.How to make Quantitative Trading on moomoo?
    Dear client, you can directly click the pending order, then you will find an cancel icon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via MooMoo-Me-Customer Service-Online Inquiry or hotline (+65)-6321 8888 Thank you for your support! Have a nice day!
    Dear customer, the weekend is a non-real-time time for currency exchange. The weekend exchange will be completed after 7 a.m. next Monday. For the completion time of currency conversion, please refer to:
    1 Live completion period
    Exchange orders submitted from Monday morning to early Saturday morning Singapore time are expected to be completed in real time.
    Specific times: Monday 07:00am to Saturday 04:00am
    (US winter time delayed until 05:00am on Saturday)
    2 Non-real-time completion period
    Singapore time: Saturday 04:00am - Monday 07:00am
    (US winter time is delayed until 05:00am on Saturday. Holidays will be announced separately, please pay attention to relevant announcements). If you have any questions, please contact us through the moomoo app - My - My Customer Service - Online Customer Service, or call our hotline (+65) -6321 8888. Thank you for your support and I wish you a happy life!
    @102439493:請问那位老总可以告诉我我的美金76仟今早要转换港币还久款 结果到现在还是被冻结是什么回事🙏🙏🙏
    ETF Trading Strategies for Advanced Traders
    Dear customer, for SG Smartsave, we're not able to identify the demands you are referring to based on above content, given it's an open wide platform, for your account security purpose, please kindly contact us through Me-Customer Service-Online Inquiry or drop us a call at +65-63218888,we would be more than happy to help out, Thanks for your support and have a nice day ahead
    Dear client, thank you for your waiting, currently, only market order can be allowed to trade fractional shares, so you can just enter share quantity you'd like to trade. We also appreciate your suggestion, we will help you feedback to our relevant team and see whether we support entering a cash amount in the future, thank you for your support!
    Dear valued client,we attach great importance to customer experience. Regarding the issue that Futu AU currently does not support options trading. We have fed back to our relevant department for evaluation once again. We will continue to expand our trading offerings, please look forward. If you have any question, please contact our live chat agents through the app via Me > Customer Service > Online Inquiry. If you prefer a phone conversation. Please call our Customer service hotline: (+61) 1300 ...
    @Lewy:Yes I’m in Australia! So are you telling me it’s unavailable on the app here? That’s very confusing as the function is there you should make that more understandable for people here. You even have tutorials on how to do it ?!? But you can’t? I don’t get it …
    What are the Risks of Options Trading?
    Dear client, currently Moomoo Financial Inc. only supports opening the individual margin account. The cash account is not available at this moment. Have a good one!
    Hello, may I know you are talking about the option trading in FUTU AU, if this is so, sorry currently does not support options trading. We will continue to expand our trading offerings, please look forward.
    @Lewy:Hi there new to MooMoo I’m curious are we able to trade bull credit/ vertical spreads on this platform ?
    What are the Risks of Options Trading?