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    buckle up guys. next TP 99c. it found support at 87c which closed the gap from last pump on 14 Nov23. look at volume for past 2 days including today, crossing MA line signalling bearish reversal and 3 white soldiers means bull is back. What do you think guys?
    $Genting Sing(G13.SG)$
    G13 staging a rebound. This is going to take 1-2 months to get back above 1. Last year same pattern, dip on positive earnings and slowly claw back. Smart money buying back after the dip touches 88c. Banks didn’t have enough chips causing the big dip. Let’s wait and see. We need banks to push.
    $Genting Sing(G13.SG)$
    $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ is releasing its Q4 FY24 earnings on Feburary 21, after the U.S. stock market close. How will the market react to the company's quarterly results? Vote your answer to participate!
    ● An equal share of 10,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the price range of $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$'s opening price at 9:30 AM ET Feb 22 (e.g., If 50 mooers make a correct guess, each of them will get 200 points!...
    NVIDIA Q4 FY24 Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the opening price!
    Read more: Full & rapid reusability is the holy grail of orbital rocketry?
    $Rocket Lab(RKLB.US)$ $Tesla(TSLA.US)$
    Rocket Lab unveiled an impressive new rocketExpand
    $Gores Guggenheim(GGPI.US)$ First time reviewing the prospectus for a stock I'm really interested in and excited for just to end up actually wanting the product itself now way more then the stock lol... Now that's what I call a successful prospectus, kudos Polestar!
    $EHang(EH.US)$ This EVTOL leader gets punished for reducing revenue forecast. Are they trying to manage analyst expectations or they just can't sell? As EVTOL leader, current price is not reflective. What do you think?
    $Rocket Lab(RKLB.US)$ Hopefully electron news that will be out today will bring some excitement. Rocket to the moon
    Hey mooers,
    Nice to see you again.
    Thank you for being around and welcome to our fifth episode.
    This week, we will launch this season's final episode of "Talk to PM". 

    Are you expecting more?
    Are you wondering who is going to be our guests for the next season?
    It's up to you!
    A big hand to the last moomoo product manager- Ivy
    Host: Welcome, Ivy! Would you like to give us a brief introduction of yourself?
    PM Ivy: Hi, everyone. My name is Ivy. I join the product manager team since the very beginning of the Moo community. It's fantastic to finally have a chance to talk with mooers. I'm so excited.
    I am a person who loves freedom. I'd love to meet new friends and start new conversations. New faces and fresh thoughts always light up my mind.
    I hope mooers can enjoy the free atmosphere in Moo! Everyone is free to talk, to share, and to connect here.
    Host: How lovely! I heard that you've brought us a new feature today. What is it?
    PM Ivy: I would like to introduce the "Hot" feature. We can see it in "Hot Topics", "Hot Stocks", and "Hot Articles". The feature enables mooers to quickly catch the latest trends and identify what others are talking about at a glance. Mooers can join the discussions with a simple tap.
    No one shall be left behind and be alone. I want to send out a message that we will always be there for each other in Moo and together we are one.
    Hot Topic Discussion Square
    Host: How thoughtful! Why do you want to be a product manager?
    PM Ivy: It is because I was inspired by a senior PM at the early stage of my career.
    He said, "What we product managers do is to use our products to talk to the world. It's like writers who use their pens to talk to readers." 
    I want to be a PM who dedicates herself to building a mutual space where moorers are free to have in-depth conversations and interact with each other. I would also like to get some feedback on whether I turn my thoughts into reality.
    Host: It's very admirable. Can you share with us the development of Moo?
    PM Ivy: I joined the moomoo PM team when Moo was still at the primary stage of development. At that time, the community was relatively quiet and empty.
    I was like a nervous mother who want her child to be strong and grow up safely. When glitches occurred, it was as if my own child is sick, so I was upset and distressed. 
    Now, the community is active and healthy. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed. More and more mooers are joining us and interacting with each other. They are pretty active in there. I feel like looking at my child who is growing up day by day and achieving new goals. I am touched and have a sense of accomplishment.
    Host: What's an ideal community in your mind? 
    PM Ivy: I want Moo to be open and accessible. Everyone here posts their ideas freely. Newbies are brave to ask questions, and mature traders are willing to share their experiences. Everybody grows and together we are one. In the best scenario, all mooers "trade like a pro".
    Host: Let's hope your dream will come true. What do you think of moomoo's product culture?
    PM Ivy: moomoo has a prominent geek culture that everyone pursues the ultimate, puts user experience first, and values users' feedback. I do check users' feedback every day to find out what's wrong and how can we improve.
    Host: Since you mentioned checking users' feedback, how do you deal with it?
    PM Ivy: Well, as I said, I look forward to hearing from our dear mooers, but it doesn't mean that I will accept all suggestions without evaluating them myself. 
    Henry Ford has told a famous story about horses. He asked people what they want. They said they wanted a faster horse. While others try to breed a faster horse, Ford tried something else, that is, to build a car because he understood the underlying needs of people.
    As a moomoo PM, it's essential to read between lines. We need to meet the underlying needs of mooers. In the case above, what people really want is to have a faster means of transportation, not a faster horse.
    Host: Interesting! Do you have an idol?
    PM Ivy: I adore Einstein because he was smart and brave to question uncertainty. There is no absolute right or wrong in science. As long as you have a point and stick to it, there is a high possibility that you would make some scientific progress. It doesn't really matter that whether you support or oppose something. I learned quite a lot from him. I would like to continue making progress and possibly a breakthrough as a PM.
    Host: hahaha. Do you have a slogan? Let's vote for your product!
    PM Ivy: Different needs can be met with the same choice – moomoo! Come and join us!
    Thank you, Ivy! Let's hear some applause for Ivy, who loves to be free!
    Like this article, if you enjoy PM Ivy's sharing! 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send your ideas and thoughts to Ivy at Moo Features - Talk to PM zone. We aim to provide you with the best experiences and are looking forward to your feedback.
    Recap for the previous episodes>>
    PM George: The "Investment Rush Hour" made me become a product manager.
    PM Jane: The superpower I wish to have is mind-reading!
    PM Jason: "Art comes from life, so does a great product"
    PM Arlene: "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
    moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo
    moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo
    moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo
    $Rocket Lab(RKLB.US)$ the chart is super nice now. once it breakout then it will be like rocket