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Good is the enemy of great.
    A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.
    Perseverance is something we always need to have, but seldom want to.  Some days work great in our favor, others don't. However, no matter what, we can work to see a better day.  That may mean holding, that may mean cutting losses, or that may mean resisting temptation to see in the green just yet, but no matter what we work for that better tomorrow.
    After all, suffering produces endurance, endurance prod...
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    A farmer once lost his watch in his barn amongst the hay.  He searched and searched but could not find it and it was a watch that had been passed down through the generations.  He desperately wanted to get it back.  He recruited some children who were playing nearby to help, but none of them could find it either.  After hours of trying, most of the children gave up.  However one boy came up and asked the farmer if he could go back in the barn alone and try one more time.  The farmer agree...
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    $ProShares UltraPro QQQ ETF(TQQQ.US)$ The price action on this thing makes no freaking sense. started dropping when Bitcoin had a drop but when Bitcoin picked right back up this thing kept falling and I lost all my calls and 30% of my money so I'm all set with this one
    A general was going to war and was quite worried about how his troops would perform.  They seemed nervous and unsure of themselves.  He decided he would let fate and destiny determine then if they would continue into battle or turn and retreat home.  He went to a shrine and, in front of his troops, said, "I will toss this coin in the presence of this shrine. If it is heads, the gods are with us and it is destiny we will win.  If it is tails, we shall retreat."  He flipped the coin and it came up...
    A man once prayed to God that he grant him one wish.  To his surprise, God answered and he heard his voice say "You have been a faithful man, what may I grant you?"  The man said, "I would like a bridge from my house to Hawaii so I can drive there anytime I want."  God thought a moment and said, "Your wish is very materialistic and requires massive support beams all the way to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which I can do, but is difficult. How about something that would be m...
    The key to a happy life is to have a thick skin but a soft heart.  You can have all the conviction in the world in your picks and what you are doing in the market, but there are those who are going to question it or try to talk you out of what you are doing.  Have a thick skin with those who try to negatively influence you and understand you are the master of your fate.
    Be kind and lift each other up, especially those new to trading and hoping to weave a life for themselves.  You were ...
    Two brothers sold what they had to go off to California to mine gold. After a while, they came upon a vein of gold that surely would bring riches once they fully excavated it.  After digging in the spot, to the brothers' shock, the vein of gold was not there!  Exasperated and sensing a sure mistake, the brothers sold the land and headed back home.  The new owner then instructed his miners to begin digging again where the brothers had started.  Just two more feet down, the miners str...
    If you have had a tough day out there you are not alone.
    Feel free to reach out if that is you or share how you are feeling here.
    Airing of grievances!!!
    $Riot Platforms(RIOT.US)$ $Coinbase(COIN.US)$ $Marathon Digital(MARA.US)$ $SoFi Technologies(SOFI.US)$ $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ $Invesco QQQ Trust(QQQ.US)$ $Intuitive Machines(LUNR.US)$ $Meta Platforms(META.US)$
    A man walking through an elephant camp noticed that massive, adult elephants were being tied down by small ropes that could barely hold a human much less a giant animal. Confused, the man asked a trainer, "Why don't the elephants break loose from the rope, you just have one small one on one ankle?"  The trainer replied, "We use the same rope on the elephant from birth.  The elephant has learned and continues to believe the rope is stronger than him."  As adults, they believe the rope is s...
    A man came one day to the great Greek philosopher Socrates and said, "Teacher, I have studied many of your precepts and yet I still do not have your success.  What is the secret to your success?"  Socrates looked at the young man and said, "Follow me."  Perplexed, the young man followed Socrates to the river's edge.  Socrates waded in, clothes on and all, and motioned the man to follow.  The man followed him until the water was up to their chest. Then, without warning, Soc...