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    In the digital age, social media and online communities have become the primary means for news, information updates, and communication with each other. The official Moomoo community account plays a very important role in disseminating important announcements, promoting events, and providing customer service. It's very important to recognize an authentic moomoo official account in order to get the right information.
    The definition and role of the official moomoo account
    The official moomoo account is managed by the team responsible for official moomoo accounts and represents the official position and opinions of the brand, organization, or employees. These accounts are intended to provide correct information and improve the user experience in the Moo community.
    How to identify the official Moomoo account
    1. Let's check the certification mark
    The verification mark is the easiest way to identify an official Moomoo account. Be careful with accounts without a verification mark. The moomoo official account management team currently has 2 types of official apps below...
    How to identify the official MOOMOO account
    How to identify the official MOOMOO account
    We have launched a “fraud prevention” function to help more Mooers understand the risk of investment fraud and to support fraud prevention measures. We will introduce how to report using the “Fraud Prevention” function, important announcements, fraud prevention measures, etc.
    Please report information about fraud by going to Investment Navigation → My Page → Fraud Prevention → Report.
    Not limited to the moo community, you can report fake moomoo sites, telephone solicitations and internet articles claiming to be Moomoo employees.
    Tip: Please provide as much information as possible so that we can process your report as quickly as possible. We ask for your cooperation in providing relevant evidence, screenshots, conversations, and publication details in detail in the content of the report.
    Important notices irregularly provide information on fraud methods and fraud, external fraud information (for example, fake moomoo sites, etc.), and fraud information (for example, specific stock trading solicitations, etc.) in the Moo community. Please check this important notice for fraud information and fraud prevention measures to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.
    Fraud prevention measures
    In fraud prevention measures, we will introduce fraud information and modus operandi. Fraud prevention knowledge and countermeasures...
    Introducing fraud prevention features
    Introducing fraud prevention features
    Introducing fraud prevention features
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