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    $UOB(U11.SG)$ Ex-date on Thurs. Accumulate by end Wednesday to be entitled to their dividend payout.
    $Lion-OCBC Sec HSTECH S(HST.SG)$ sorry I bad mouth. I think 55 coming hope not
    $Lion-OCBC Sec HSTECH S(HST.SG)$ bro stock watchi (value investor) viewed my profile sorry bash your 60 dream
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    $UOB(U11.SG)$ this bank follows dbs when it falls but not when it rises.
    In the end, when you invest in stocks, you can make a lot of money by investing in stocks and trading depends on a firm belief in the midst of large fluctuations. Even blue chip stocks with high growth and high performance will plummet. This kind of sharp drop in stocks is a blessing from God, a gift package with makeup on, and a drop of gold from the sky. It knocked you out, blew up, and someone else picked it up. But it requires great courage and wisdom. And this is exactly what the vast majority of people don't have. There are many ways to succeed, so don't accept the ones you aren't used to seeing. Adults can only be screened, not educated. Restrain yourself to correct other people's thoughts and desires, because people can never wake up; people can only wake up painfully. There are many people out there who are bullish about you, especially the view that you are bullish and continuously falling in batches, discrete random variables, and position opening layout. They regard you as a fraud, want to ship yourself, and run away in a hurry to find a successor. The bunch of idiots never knew or understood how to give something in the dark; they were only good at chasing high, chasing strong purchases as the icing on the cake.
    What is stabilization? What does it mean to wait until it stabilizes before buying? This is a static ideal state imagined by speculators on both ends of their own wishful thinking; it simply doesn't exist in actual financial gaming. The stock price itself is constantly fluctuating continuously, and the amplitude is even objective. Investment guru Peter Lynch said, “There have been 40 stock market crashes in the past 70 years. Even if I had predicted 39 of them in advance and sold all of my stocks before the crash, I would regret it a lot in the end. Because even if...
    Pay attention to the decline, study the decline, take advantage of the decline, and use it for yourself.
    Pay attention to the decline, study the decline, take advantage of the decline, and use it for yourself.
    Pay attention to the decline, study the decline, take advantage of the decline, and use it for yourself.
    $SIA(C6L.SG)$ : Good breathe ! Finally, the falling knife takes a break ! Looking forwards, hopefully, can resumed it's technical up trend instead of resuming selling. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Anyway, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nikkei 225 are near the all time high. Good chance. 👍
    $SIA(C6L.SG)$ : Sharing a piece of news that I had just received.
    There wouldn't be many who think Singapore Airlines Limited's (SGX:C6L) price-to-earnings (or "P/E") ratio of 9.9x is worth a mention when the median P/E in Singapore is similar at about 11x. Although, it's not wise to simply ignore the P/E without explanation as investors may be disregarding a distinct opportunity or a costly mistake.
    Singapore Airlines certainly has been doing a good job lately as its earnings growth has been po...
    【Core Hint:In the US, historical big data has proven that speculators can never beat investors. Delivering charcoal in the snow is far more clever and meaningful than the icing on the cake.]
    1. In a society where there are many ignorant people, it is easy to see Galeries Lafayette and Boxers.
    2. Half of the people use repeated informs to lie, and the other half use nationalism to lie.
    3. Efforts that seem silly are shortcuts to success.
    3. The furthest distance in the world is the distance between “thinking” and “getting,” because there is a gap between “doing”, and there are thousands of mountains and waters.
    4. People often only look at the immediate purpose and forget about the crisis behind them.
    Classic K-line pattern when the main force draws money -- multiple Xiaoyang plus single middle yin
    The entry of the main players into the market changes the long and short power of an individual stock, and the stock price will slowly rise unwittingly, driven by active buying by the main players. However, the main force's position opening is generally controlled within a price range in a planned manner. After the stock price rises, the main force usually uses a small amount of chips to quickly suppress the stock price at the right time (when the market falls or the end of the market). This period of rapid suppression is commonly called a quick fall in order to continue opening positions again at a lower price. This repetition forms a wave or wave of negative N-shaped K-line patterns on the K-line chart.
    Be patient. Choosing the right time and point is very critical. In particular, choosing the timing is even more critical. It accounts for 70% of the criticality. The factors that determine success or failure in life are...
    Following the general trend, anti-technology, anti-humanity.
    Following the general trend, anti-technology, anti-humanity.
    Following the general trend, anti-technology, anti-humanity.
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    $Lion-OCBC Sec HSTECH S(HST.SG)$
    敢写敢post .
    Never back up