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        Twiggs Private ID: 102230390
        International trader
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          Will Lucid survive?

          $Lucid Group(LCID.US)$My thoughts:
          The price point of $170,000 immediately puts their only model in the tiniest of market segments, regardless of whether or not it’s a good car.
          While $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ was allowed to mature in an EV vacuum, there are already EVs available from many high end producers like Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche etc. The Tesla Model S has now been refined and proven over a 9 year production run. Lucid has no service or charging network and buying what is literally an unproven $170,000 beta test vehicle won’t be too appealing.
          My Model S now has 47,000 absolutely trouble free miles on it, with 2 minor exceptions. I put a new set of tires on it at 36,000 miles and the 12v battery was recently replaced under warranty, a 30 minute stay at the convenient service center. I have never had a moment of range anxiety thanks to the well established and constantly growing Supercharger network, by the time I use a restroom and grab a bite, the fully charged car is waiting for me the few times per year I take a long trip.
          Looks are subjective but to my eye the Lucid front end looks like a Honda Accord and the station wagon roofline is a turn-off. No doubt someone will actually like the looks.
          Will Lucid survive? Anything is possible I suppose but I bought Ford a couple of months ago, in my opinion a much better investment in a company with a much brighter future.

          Why is Lucid stock soaring? The EV startup has cars out in the wild

          $Lucid Group(LCID.US)$ is up 30.27% and traded as high as $39.78 on the day. Volume on LCID is at 299M shares with more than 90 minutes of trading left.
          The EV startup is set to make its first deliveries this weekend.
          Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson says his company and Tesla are the only two EV manufacturers in the world today that design, develop and make their own electric vehicles, from battery packs to motors, inverters, software and even the transmission.
          Notably, the market cap for Lucid Group has cruised right past bigger and more established companies like Ferrari, Tata Motors, BorgWarner and Magna International. LCID is also valued higher than Chinese EV players $XPeng(XPEV.US)$ and $Li Auto(LI.US)$
          Lucid Group is actually thinly covered on Wall Street, but Bank of America gets credit for calling out the upside early. Will BofA increase its price target from $30 after the big move?
          Why is Lucid stock soaring? The EV startup has cars out in the wild
          Twiggs commented on

          NOT the best time to buy

          $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ broke the $1,000 barrier, taking the company to the trillion club on a multi-day rally following the company reporting earnings above consensus and a massive multi-billion dollar deal with$Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.(HTZZ.US)$. Tesla continues to grow rapidly even at its size, with deliveries rising ~20% q/q to 241,300 units for Q3. Tesla is offering very attractive growth rates at a scale much larger than EV peers, and as such is one of the hottest names on Wall Street. Trading volumes breached 60 million, more than double Tesla's 10-day average, with dollar volume over $60 billion. Although a substantial portion of these could be quick trades to capitalize on a >12% move on the day, Tesla has been a gift that keeps on giving, and ultimately, it's possible to get stuck buying at a short-term top, much like in January. Even with a multi-quarter string of revenue and delivery boosts from the deal, the risk-reward outlook to buying at the moment is not highly convincing - while it's not necessarily a good idea to bet against Tesla, it does not seem to be the best time to buy.
          NOT the best time to buy
          Twiggs commented on
          $GlobalFoundries(GFS.US)$ is only a $6B annual revenue company? That's... small. No wonder they couldn't keep up with the other larger fabs on leading nodes
          Twiggs commented on
          $GlobalFoundries(GFS.US)$ was spun off by $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$, it is basically a failed unit of AMD that AMD disposed more than a decade ago.
          And then AMD uses $Taiwan Semiconductor(TSM.US)$ for chips tells me everything I need to now about GF.
          Twiggs commented on

          House GOP members want teenagers' mental health data from Snap, YouTube & TikTok

          A group of House Republicans on Monday sent letters to$Snap Inc(SNAP.US)$, Google's YouTube$Alphabet-C(GOOG.US)$$Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$and TikTok asking for those companies to provide internal research they have done on how their products and platforms affect the mental health of teenagers.
          Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, (R-Wash.), the ranking GOP member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, headed up the letters sent to the social-media giants. The representatives request the companies share any research they have done regarding how users under the age of 13, between the ages of 13 and 18, and 18 and older have been impacted by their services. The companies were also asked for any information about outside research on teenagers mental health that they may have used.
          "Free speech is fundamental to our country. It should be cherished and defended, not undermined," wrote the Congressional Republicans in their letter to YouTube Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki. "We are also troubled by the harm Big Tech is causing to children. To that end, we are interested in any documents and related information regarding any internal research or study YouTube has conducted on the effect its product has on children’s mental health."
          YouTube didn't immediately return a request for comment.
          The representatives also asked TikTok parent company ByteDance for any information it has on about Chinese government officials seeking data on U.S. users, if TikTok complied with those requests, and if Beijing told the company to censor any of its content.
          Monday's congressional requests come in the wake of$Facebook(FB.US)$dealing with a scandal involving whistleblowers divulging information about how Facebook deals with hate speech and the effects its services have on the mental health of teenage girls, in particular.
          House GOP members want teenagers' mental health data from Snap, YouTube & TikTok
          Twiggs commented on
          $Facebook(FB.US)$ I remember the old saying…”is the juice worth the squeeze”…
          $TOSHIBA CORP UNSP ADR EACH REP 0.5 ORD SHS(TOSYY.US)$ pre-market above resistance im expecting a retest above resistance before price moving higher.
          HnS target forecast @ 25
          $Upstart(UPST.US)$ A few different patterns are forming to the upside.
          I like the $327 as a pivot to the upside,
          It has been holding well despite of market weakness.
          Keeping this on the WL
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