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Who Reigns Supreme in the Cybersecurity Stock Arena?

As society increasingly moves towards digitization in both production and lifestyle, combined with AI reshaping numerous industries, cybersecurity has been gaining more attention in the market.
This is because all sectors require cybersecurity, including finance, retail, beverages, industry, government, and more. According to a report by Precedence Research, the global cybersecurity market was valued at $211.48 billion in 2022 and is predicted to rise to $691.64 billion by 2032, with an annual compound growth rate of 12.58%!😱
Who Reigns Supreme in the Cybersecurity Stock Arena?
In this booming industry, which companies might profit? The following Top 10 can be observed and analyzed based on market value.
Who Reigns Supreme in the Cybersecurity Stock Arena?
While the subtle shift is happening between the industry leader, $Palo Alto Networks(PANW.US)$, and the runner-up, $CrowdStrike(CRWD.US)$, especially after their recent financial reports. PANW dropped 28% post-earnings, while CRWD surged 10%.
Interestingly, Former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi $Nancy Pelosi's Holdings(BK20883.US)$ holds stocks in both Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike.
So, between CRWD and PANW: which is the better AI cybersecurity stock?
Actually, the two companies are not in direct competition. Palo Alto Networks represents firewall security, offering a diverse product portfolio for corporate IT server defense, including both hardware and software. CrowdStrike, on the other hand, signifies endpoint defense and operates purely as a SaaS company providing endpoint defense software without selling hardware.
In terms of product competitiveness and growth momentum, CrowdStrike slightly edges out, which is also reflected in its higher P/S valuation. For a more detailed analysis, please refer to this premium course (available to deposit clients).
Who Reigns Supreme in the Cybersecurity Stock Arena?
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In the cybersecurity field, which do you favor more: Palo Alto Networks or CrowdStrike? Feel free to vote and share your thoughts in the comments.
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