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Where I believe $INTC is heading

Ticker symbol $INTC, on the 2w chart, is trading in a cup and handle. This has been building for the better part of 25 years.

The width of the setup is approximately 506.90%. The due date I believe for the handle to complete, and meet the neckline, is December 2nd of this year. Based on the intersection of trend lines, the approximate break point is $67.70. This gives us a destination of $410.87.

So, between now and the end of the year, I expect $INTC to reach at the minimum $67.70 based on its central trend line trajectory. $Intel(INTC.US)$
Where I believe $INTC is heading
Where I believe $INTC is heading
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  • 10baggerbamm : that's great but 25 years come on 25 seconds is the mentality for a lot of people today let alone 25 days 25 weeks 25 months. Moore's law has more to do with chips than a chart and the fact of the matter is you can only take advantage so much from the acceleration of processing power in handheld devices. we're not talking about everyone walking around with the dojo computer which is what Tesla is building for autonomous driving by buying everything that they can get their hands on with nvidia's chip. so thanks for the chart but you might as well pull up a chart of the S&p 500 over the same time frame because the world of evolves and a long-term chart like that doesn't always work just look at Cisco Cisco in 1999 was the 800 lb gorilla now you don't even mention them in conversation with leading companies