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What had NIO done wrongly in his Busniess Plan.

Even a shitty EV company is doing so much better than her. Anybody like to share? what the real problem woth this co. ? . NIO need 3-5 years to breakeven and seen like non of the good news can move this co share price up.  Just not rught. WTF.
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  • VIVEK SURANA : There is no roadmap of breakeven, even in 3 to 5 years. In 2021, NiO projected to break even in the 4th quarter of 2023, but on the contrary, it had record cash burn in 2023. In 2024, everyone was hoping that ONVO would increase the delivery  volume, and NiO would become  profitable. But guess what? The ONVO itself will lose money until it hits 20k pm delivery, which is very difficult. So, with ONVO introduction, NiO will probably  break the cash burn record this year, and profitability  is not even in sight.

  • CoolWaterCoolWaterOP VIVEK SURANA: NIO had slap themselves in those rubbish investments. Live NIO space , house , merchandise and the damn phone.
    The CEO have a good vision. But he had forgotten the main objective is to sell car. Get it running and than go work those PR thing.
    He should apologise to the investor and buy up all the phone out from his own pocket.

  • VIVEK SURANA CoolWaterCoolWaterOP: Completely  agree. NiO had a very good chance to focus  on core business and grab market share when competition  was low. Instead, the CEO wasted that precious  time in uselss projects

  • 74216494 : The Leading ZERO, CEO, Mr. LiE, simply was too egomaniac. Instead of buying a vine yard in France, opening expensive, empty NIO houses, investing into mobile phone, or nuclear reseach, he better simply had copied a Porsche, to produce and sell a car,, people want to buy. Like XIAOMI did. Instead of aiming at Mercedes or BMW, to be acompetitor, he better had to work on coop with them. May be, even to give battery swap tech for free, for them to build swap stations etc., then to reap the profit selling ONVOs. Now NIO internationally is left in the dust. Great tech, but terrible management at NIO. Fire the Leading Zero, who is only fleecing long time investors by issuing new shares. When will be next dilution, much lower than IPO ? 

  • CoolWaterCoolWaterOP 74216494: The only hope now is.  Waiting for NIO to collapse and bought over. That’s can be the plan. The technology is neat. But not there management. Too aggressive.

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