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UPDATE December 18

A quick update to start the week.
I'm looking for a pullback. According to my indicators, it should be shallow, or at least start out that way. On QQQ 402 is the expected low for today, with 408.52 as the high.
Below the mid bollinger, bearish divergences. The trendline is around ~398, I could easily see hitting that this week.
UPDATE December 18
Above the mid bollinger, bollingers are "pinching," meaning a move  could be coming. When the bands narrow, energy is being built up, and it tends to explode out the end. The upper expected move is 17000, and the lower expected move is 16735.
UPDATE December 18
That's a big candle with a big wick following a 9 count sell signal (selling is reaching exhaustion). The MACD looks to be bottoming. That's a healthy pullback from nearly reaching 200. I would expect another try at 200.
UPDATE December 18
Above mid bollinger with them "pinching"
UPDATE December 18
Commodities are HOT 🔥
I expect good bounces here.
UPDATE December 18
UPDATE December 18
UPDATE December 18
Don't FOMO, let it relax, and then scoop some 😁
UPDATE December 18
UPDATE December 18
UPDATE December 18
i expect the rally to challenge the highs before retreating. It is a squeeze, so be cautious ⚠️
Be Safe, Be Careful, Be Wise
and as always
Good Luck Worship
UPDATE December 18
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