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$Trump Media & Technology (DJT.US)$ did anybody listen to Bi...

$Trump Media & Technology(DJT.US)$ did anybody listen to Biden talk about the deal with Ukraine it just was on live did anybody actually listen to Biden speak? he sounded like he's ready to pass out and roll a seven... they're going to have him so doped up on coke debating trump it won't even be funny they need to do a drug test on this man because if you just listen to him that's his normal demeanor he has zero energy
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  • Imatt007 : Hahahahaha

  • 10baggerbamm OP Imatt007 : seriously go listen to him listen to him speak he sounded like well I visited relatives in nursing homes that are in their late 90s ready to drop dead that sounded better

  • Imatt007 10baggerbamm OP : I’m at work right now but I also used to work at a nursing home for 12 years so I can imagine him babbling trying to make whole sentences.

  • 102798990 : Frankly, at this point, neither of the candidates are appealing options. However one is a doddering old man while the other is only barely younger and a convicted felon. One is supposedly ineffectual while the other is already openly talking about quid pro quos and planning authoritarian changes from day one. Both ramble on national tv, so get out of your echo chambers 🙄

    It’s literally a no brainer choice (though unfortunately a binary one at this point) and indeed many don’t seem to have one. No wonder the rest of the world thinks of the average American as dumber than a bag of rocks

  • 10baggerbamm OP : so you say authoritarian changes you mean executive orders like Biden did right yeah I mean it's it's you want to talk about binary what party is stripping away your constitutional rights freedom of speech what party believes in lawlessness no borders do you find the police and why do you think it's important to them that drugs come over the border the people are dying because when it gets really bad you will voluntarily surrender all of your rights so that they can come to the rescue and they know this it is been planned out in history by other governments before it's not new. Barton lies with impunity everybody in his cabinet lies whatever happened to the Commander in Chief heading the military and the military has standards say for example the naval academy I will not lie cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do you realize they have no locks on their doors because if you steal you're dismissed immediately you're kicked out of the military at the naval academy you're probably unaware of that but yet political leaders lie cheat and steal not in the name of national security but in the name of self enrichment and they do it with impunity because everybody covers for them

  • 10baggerbamm OP 10baggerbamm OP : look at the lies about Hunter biden's laptop every station colluded. and we know they colluded because Elon Musk bought Twitter and expose the lies that they would hold meetings on zoom every morning and they mapped out their agenda that's why when you change the stations from ABC CBS NBC it's the same story at the same time the same exact words because you're being brainwashed. so they made one party into a laughing stock they used every TV show The view all these shit shows by saying there is no laptop it's a delusion there's nothing they took the owner of the computer store they arrested him and they bankrupted him he's broke but he did get the computer he did fix it but everybody mocked him ridiculed him and he's broken out he's out of business. so they lied hundreds and hundreds of hours on TV there's no laptop amazingly the laptop was front and center at Hunter's trial it just resurfaced amazing because the bureau that said they didn't have it now miraculously shows up with it and then you have Hillary's lie about Russian collusion thousands of hours on TV hundreds of millions of dollars pissed away on it bullshit investigations and lies that was all mapped out and the media pumped it up it was a complete fabricated story but where is the accountability why isn't she in jail and all the people that testified and lied before Congress and raise their right hand why aren't all those people in jail they're criminals.. they sworn oath and they lied to Congress and the American people and there's no accountability.

  • Ben Buttons : yes, he should be on a porch in a rocking chair drinking lemonade. I would think his heart would explode if it was

  • nice Elephant_6987 : He looks like a zombie.

  • nice Elephant_6987 : Trump is the only candidate.

  • 102798990 10baggerbamm OP : This rambling incoherence merely proves my second point. Filled with conspiracy theories and accusations and light on facts or details. Americans really don’t realise how buffoonish they look to the rest of the world worshipping orange jesus

    My money would be on the bag of rocks

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