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        Track record of CRKN

        The 52wks low & historical low has been broken!
        With such a low productivity, the next target : 52wks high, Historical high ?
        In stock market, Nothing is impossible!
        (This is not a financial advice, Chart type: 3Months)
        Track record of CRKN
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        • 70726270 : What is your view for the "why?" of this stock's poor performance?

        • SANDRO 善子OP 70726270: Over the years, this stock keep dropping. By forcing the stock below $1 and if continue for 3 months, the stock risk to be delisted ( They just regained Compliance with Nasdaq listing requirement). Daily short volumn is low. My guess is internal sruggle.

        • 70726270 SANDRO 善子OP: Interesting. They just took on a new VP.
          In the general market, most stocks are dropping. However, they had 135 million in contracts, just bought trenchers, had a great Q beating expectations, and have 200 million in back logged contracts to fill with said new trenchers.
          So, what do you think I'm missing in my assessment in your eyes? Thanks.

        • SANDRO 善子OP 70726270: When a stock price is high e.g $Berkshire Hathaway-A (BRK.A.US)$ the turnover is 3.67B but the volume is 6.66K , the number of players  is limited. However, when the stock price is low in price e.g TSLA split and lower the price from thousand to 200+, many people can play and it generate lot of goodwill for the company. If CRKN rise from now to 52 wks high, you can imagine the goodwill created by CRKN.