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$SoundHound AI (SOUN.US)$ Nvidia is back while this Hound is...

$SoundHound AI(SOUN.US)$ Nvidia is back while this Hound is down
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  • 10baggerbamm : do you not understand they're completely different companies there's no correlation between the two one is a market leader making billions of dollars the other one is in debt losing money hand over fist with a technology that took them 12 years to create and it's already obsolete

  • Dazza 10baggerbamm: Are you interested in the stock or not?

  • 10baggerbamm Dazza: and who are you the stock police that I can't comment I had over a million dollars in this company back in March of last year I can guarantee you I know more about this company than anybody on this forum and most every other one I've talked with the CEO the CFO I went down to Texas firsthand and I saw the exhibition at the restaurant tech expo watched them try to get Tillmans attention and basically he ignored them.. the fact of the matter is this company is in serious problems right now because Claude is the future not chat and certainly not their 15-year-old antiquated outdated overpaid overfunded underperforming proprietary IP that is useless patents

  • 74172505 10baggerbamm: Slowly going back to 2, probably even lower

  • Tonyco Dazza: what? hes not wrong. itd be like if mcdonalds bought chipolte stock. sure, theyre loosely related but their success isnt untertwined