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$SoundHound AI (SOUN.US)$ because of one downgrade and insid...

$SoundHound AI(SOUN.US)$ because of one downgrade and insider are selling
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  • baby boss : isnt it very suspicious? Insider sold right before the short report came oit

  • 152349410 : What downgraded?

  • 102327823 : I give up

  • jiggle-wiggle 152349410: This is the News about downgrading "Cantor Fitzgerald Downgraded the Stock From Overweight to Underweight and Lowered Its Price Target From $5.8 to $4.9"

  • 10baggerbamm : and your statements not true okay let me explain why it's wrong when the stock was starting to move because of the announcement of Nvidia last month kavon was on CNBC and Fox Business and the first question is has the SEC been in touch with you because there was very large movements in the options and the price of the stock just prior to the announcement of Nvidia. any tap dance around the answer saying well there's other companies like big bear that have movement in their stock so there's really no coincidence stocks move and that's that it was a tap dance answer. the point being is that insider's dumped on that Spike insiders also dumped 48 hours before their earnings release their earnings sucked okay their revenues were less than expected their losses were greater and they were not cash flow positive three things that their goal were to achieve they fell short strike strike strike you're out. so insiders dumped a lot of stock before the earnings came out and they have a history of dumping look back in June when the stock was five and a quarter they blew out a TENS of millions of dollars they crashed the stock back then. the other problem with this company is dilution they've gone from 120 million to 270 million shares in one year their preferred convertible stock and warrants are going to put it to about 350 million shares this year and then the shelf offering which it's coming and it's going to be a doozy it'll be 4 or 500 million dollars you're going to be probably not going on 400 million shares at the end of this calendar year beginning of next year which is asinine because it is so diluted to a shareholder

  • Simon 5183 : Selling over 2 million shares is 20,000 shares called a sell-off? Is there a problem with cognition?