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Roger $GNS

$Genius Group(GNS.US)$ Every sec, every minutes, every hours, every days, every weeks, every months, then year. Very painful waiting. Hoping that any moment  $GNS will go up. Keep your promises now. free us from pain. Let me live my life. Help me pay my mortgage and bills by keeping your promises.
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  • Mrrichierich : DUDE……lol!! Rogers done & said more then most any other CEO I’ve EVER SEEN! He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing by offering a Service with like OVER 5 MILLION students lol, WERE AT WAR Bro do some DD for God sake & quit blaming others for your stupid decisions lol! Hey I’ve been there FRFR!! But You NEED TIME IN THE MARKET to understand wtf’s really going on!! We’re not called dumb money for no reason lol!! BTW You play with what you can afford to lose & you only lose when you sell so minimize those, set a % on each trade your bailing at or even better a STOP LOSS! And for the love of god take emotion outta this shit cause they get off by robbing us blind & hearing & seeing our downfalls, Don’t give them the satisfaction! You gotta live this shit to fully grasp it like 4am to 8pm everyday for YEARS! And THEN you’ll learn how this shit rolls! Now with that said lol…if Roger was silent on the fuckery going on then I’d be right with you but he’s NOT and actually he’s pretty vocal on the naked short selling, FTD’s, dark pool trading, etc, he’s actually in the middle of a bunch wars with hedgefks & MM’s that are controlling the Algos! But we filled the gap finally at .36 I think it was so we should be heading back up shortly! RELAX Homie smoke a fatty & relax lol! Good things come to those that wait!!!! GL✌️