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GME tumbled after uneventful annual meeting: Is the hype fading?
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Oh my!

$GameStop(GME.US)$ I don't think I've ever seen after hours so flat despite such a high volume of after hours trading. I'm not sad, I don't feel defeated, I just feel numb. At this point, I'm holding because it makes me sick to think that by selling I would be helping the corruption in our markets flourish. I want corrupt market makers to burn.
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  • MARKET-TEST-DUMMY : I'm sure there are a lot here that agree with you. Far from over.

  • Moxij : If you have the holding power, just hold till 21th June should reward your patience.
    ( still a gamble as nothing is guaranteed and swing can happen both ways)

    Sleep on it or after mid next week then look back here to decide your move . The chance would be 40-80 . Do try to be in safer zone and sell when you find a position you are comfortable after that to exit after 22 June. Don’t be greedy after that .

  • MonkeyGee 10baggerbamm : be fair,  you know he couldn't say xhit.  They watch him so tight.  In the meantime, all the big boys are free to say whatever xhit they want.  just watch some of the stuff they say to influence the stock price.  just him having the balls to show up in front of 600k people is a win.  It was a whole hour of big boys pissing in their pants.  I have to say,  I bet you that what he did today just created a small crack in goliath's armor.  He just changed some people permanently today!

  • 10baggerbamm MonkeyGee : you're 100% correct attorney generals throughout the United States the SEC everybody was sitting there with bated breath waiting for him to violate some law anything so they can nail them to a cross and I know for a fact he had attorneys looking across from him because he said can I say it and he looked to his left okay I can say it so he was totally lawyered up he was liquored up but you're right I mean he's getting fucked over the big guys do this shit everyday of the week and the little guys get screwed well here's a little guy who made a lot of money I believe he's bankrolled he flat out said that these are his only positions that he's ever had he's never bought any other company as well 50 million before turned into 30 after taxes how you going to get it to 200 million you were bankrolled and deposits will show any trade he was lawyered up lick it up in the right he couldn't say shit it was laughable and I'm telling you the big money the billionaires are going we're going to fucking destroy him they're celebrating tonight this is the clown the ape of apes the silverback fuck him that's what they're saying I'm a little guy I got a five and a half million dollar account that's my account that's what I trade that's what I invest so rolling pretty is a legend to me to make that much but in the same breath he's a fucking more and he's down 280 million today laughing

  • MonkeyGee 10baggerbamm : I understand what you are saying.  If he was a normal guy, he would just lick his paws and go buy an island with all that money and let the scum continue to scam.  But he chose not to.  It is difficult enough for one person to fight one Goliath but he is fighting an army of Goliaths.  You have to give him big credits.  That is a kitty with some big BALLS!