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        Nvidia crushes estimates again, but the alarm has been sounded?
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        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]

        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]

        Market Macro: Can Market Momentum Continue After the Holiday Season?
        This week marks the Western Thanksgiving holiday, so there is reduced trading time for US stocks and fewer related economic and macro events. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of high inflation, the US has entered its annual "Black Friday" shopping season. Research institutes predict that during this year's Black Friday shopping season in the US, there will be 182 million shoppers, 16 million more than last year and the most since data has been collected since 2017.
        Investors should pay attention to market performance during the Thanksgiving holiday period. Analysts suggest this is a window to observe whether the US stock market's upward momentum over the past month can continue. For an already overbought market, it would be normal for US stocks to consolidate during the Thanksgiving holiday week. However, if such consolidation results in massive sell-offs, it may trigger market concerns about future trends.
        At the same time, some major banks have made projections on the performance of the US stock market in 2024. The main disagreement regarding future stock growth expectations lies in the probability of an economic recession and the impact of the recession on corporate profits.
        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]

        Week's Hot Topic: A tech shakeup triggered by OpenAI management
        This week, OpenAI's management changes have attracted market attention. It is rumored that the reason for the change was due to the board's dissatisfaction with CEO Sam Altman (the father of ChatGPT) and his rapid commercial expansion, which violated the company's initial intention of developing safe AI.
        After the board dismissed Sam, Microsoft, which holds 49% of OpenAI's shares, saw its stock price fall 1.68% on the same day due to this news. However, things quickly turned around as Microsoft hired Sam to join a new AI working team. In less than a day, due to collective resignations by OpenAI employees and the threat posed to the board, Sam was reinstated as CEO, leading to a major board shake-up.
        After all the twists and turns, it seems that Sam and Microsoft have won people's hearts and united the OpenAI team. In the future, it is expected that Microsoft will have a greater say in its cooperation with OpenAI, consolidating its leading position in the field of AI.

        Week's Hot Topic: Nvidia's Report
        After the market on Tuesday, the much-anticipated NVIDIA$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ released its Q3 quarterly earnings report, as in the previous two quarters, the quarter still exceeded market expectations (revenue of $18.12 billion, an increase of 206% YoY; EPS of $4.02, a YoY increase of 593%). But shares fell 4.5% to close down 2.5% the following day.
        Excellent results did not drive the stock price continued to move higher. On the one hand, the market believes that NVIDIA does not meet the higher expectations of investors, the previous rise has included the company's performance to good expectations, so continuing to rise may need a more continuous, explosive Beat.
        On the other hand, there is concern about future growth. NVIDIA's fourth-quarter guidance of $20 billion, although higher than the Wall Street consensus estimate of $17.9 billion, but lower than the highest estimate of $21 billion, mainly due to the limitations of chip exports, as well as geopolitical factors pushed up the cost of labor.
        However, Morgan Stanley and many other investment banks are still firmly optimistic about NVIDIA's profitability, collectively raised the target price, the highest or another 40%.
        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]
        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]

        Week's Premium Learn: opportunity Mining—Gold Investment
        Gold has always been regarded as an important part of a long-term investment strategy for investors. When forming an investment portfolio, they may consider allocating a certain amount of funds to gold. The reason is that gold is widely recognized as a safe-haven asset.
        Firstly, this is due to the relatively stable supply of gold, which makes it one of the tools that can resist inflation.
        In addition, compared to other investment products, gold prices have smaller fluctuations. This means that it performs more stably during market turbulence and provides more predictable returns.
        Moreover, gold is a widely accepted precious metal worldwide, making it easy to convert into any currency or trade anywhere.
        So when is the best time to invest in gold? What kind of tool should you use to invest? What are the potential trends for gold in the future? All of these questions will be answered in the Premium Course Fed Interest Rate Cut: Will This Trigger a Surge in Gold Prices? So please feel free to learn it.
        Nvidia's Report and OpenAI Shake-up Cause a Stir [Premium Learn weekly review]
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