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$NVIDIA (NVDA.US)$ so let's talk about something that no sel...

$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ so let's talk about something that no self-proclaimed bobblehead expert on TV is talking about. the CPI being hot by 1/10 of 1% created the sell-off last week and then compounded by Iran attacking Israel. CPI results in chairman Powell hawkish rate cuts all these bobbleheads saying probably none this year maybe March next year a year away before a rate cut these are the same asshole experts that were saying 2 years ago we're going to go into a recession so keep that in mind the same experts that are now saying March next year for the same ones for years now saying we're going to have a recession also the same idiots that were saying in 2023 we're going to retest October 2022 lows keep that in mind. I will throw this out there and remember you heard it here first. the FED has numerous tools in there toolbox and cutting interest rates creates inflation but how do you slow consumer spending because that's what inflation is too much money chasing too few goods that's inflationary. crash the stock market there's your solution people and it's happening. take discretionary money out of people's pockets take the will of them to spend because they have just gotten smoked when they open up their statement and consumer spending declines. not a single person on TV all these experts by the way I have a degree in economics I have 35 in the trenches in the stock market. no one's talking about the fact when the market sells off to this degree when tech stocks which are owned by every pension plan every individual owns the big ones which are getting crushed right now they're not going to remodel that kitchen they're not going to buy that new car why cuz they just lost 20 to 25% in a month of what's in their account.
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  • 10baggerbammOP : pt 2.
    so the FED did not cut rates because consumer Price index came in hot by 1/10 of 1%? think about that 1/10 of 1% took trillions of dollars out of the stock market it's tens of trillions now cumulatively in the past week. when people open up their statement when they log into their brokerage account and they shit themselves because they went from X to 20 or 25% less they're going to draw their wallets closed they're not spending shit no more trips no more eating out no more vacations no new cars no remodeling basic bare Bones necessity pay my bills by my food pay my car insurance pay my credit card that's it and what happens people CPI declines because consumers are not consuming at the same rate as they were just a month earlier and it will happen that fast. so the stock market getting butchered stops excessive consumer spending which reduces CPI which puts the FED back on target towards 2% and they fucking know this too they know this but they can't tell Joe public that they want the stock market to get wrecked. remember you heard it here first. that's my two cents

  • 103587782 10baggerbammOP: Thanks good read man.

  • Shroomie 10baggerbammOP: I agree 100%

  • Ben Buttons 10baggerbammOP: keep the truth, the knowledge coming. the info is great, thanks.

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