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Recent Bitcoin volatility: What's the way forward?
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Not Looking Good

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  • Boon1992 : Don't worry, it just sticks the pin downwards; it will bounce back later

  • 72812736 Boon1992: undefined

  • 10baggerbamm : first rule of investing be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy

  • SpyderCallOP 10baggerbamm: I totally agree. But what timeframe are we talking about? based on the long-term uptrend, you could say that people are still greedy as it is still pointing up, technically. But on the shorter timeframes, like the hourly candles, the trend has been getting bearish. So you cold say that people are fearful on the shorter timeframes.

  • 10baggerbamm SpyderCallOP: the time frame for other people are different than yourselves you have to determine when you need the money number one number two what is your risk tolerance if you cannot sleep at night then you have too much of a concentrated position in One security or one sector or too much in the market and you need to mitigate that upsetting feeling by diversifying. only you can decide what's right for you I can't suggest something because I know nothing about you. there's people that trade their mortgage money and are now severely fucked there's people that are trading their rent money and they're screwed there's people that are borrowed on credit cards because they can make more trading stocks and pay the money back and be way ahead and they are truly fucked so everybody is different everybody's circumstance is very much different but collectively if you were long stocks everybody has one thing in common and that is you want them to go higher from where you bought them but the time frame is the variable and only you can decide that

  • SpyderCallOP 10baggerbamm: Right. I agree with the just of what you are saying. I was just saying that people are greedy on the long-term timeframe. And people are fearfully right now in the short term.

  • 10baggerbamm SpyderCallOP: so I will share with you a bit of experience that was let me say long in the tooth in learning.. I was licensed as a stockbroker in 89 I studied for my test in 88 work my way up became a principal and owner of a small broker dealer. everything was doing great 1999 came and a new career path was what I was pursuing. and anybody was around back then understands what happened in 1999. what I've learned and it's been sometimes a very expensive lesson is one has to take emotions out of investing if you are going to manage your own money. if you are screaming jumping up and down and panicking then it is best to find somebody else call Fidelity they have great mutual funds called Schwab use the close-in fund through vanguard let somebody else manage your money. if you make the choice to be an investor you need to decide in advance and have a game plan in place prior to investing what your objective is.. much like starting a business one has to have a business plan in place you can't wing it fly by the seat of your pants.. so if you buy a company you need to understand the company number one not off of a tweet that somebody else said not off of the hot tip from the taxi driver from your friend from somebody that you heard on Facebook. this is going to be several parts so let's call this end of part one

  • 10baggerbamm 10baggerbamm: if you understand the company and Warren Buffett said it best and Peter Lynch also said it you need to be able to explain in one or two sentences what they do if you can't do that don't buy it don't invest in it. next you have to define why are you buying it I'm buying this company ABC because they are a market leader they're profitable they're growing revenues they're growing their margins they're growing their market share and we're in the early stages of a very long-term period of growth where they will benefit.. so I am buying and I'm going to take periodically when I have discretionary money available I'm going to buy more shares regardless of the price and as long as they continue to hit their objectives and their earnings and their revenue I'm going to keep buying.. and you can look at the 800 lb gorillas in every Market sector right now and there's people 10 years back 15 years back 5 years back that have done exactly that and become very wealthy by buying when money is available and holding and not worrying about the daily gyrations and the global events and interest rates and CPI and PPI and wars and things like that..

  • 10baggerbamm 10baggerbamm: if you are on a shorter term horizon then you need to define prior to investing and what point if I am wrong will I own it and take a loss. William O'Neill who's the Editor in Chief of investor Business daily has a philosophy that he adheres to and encourages all of his readers that you take a 7% line in the Sand number a hard 7% and regardless of what the company is what they do when you are down 7% sell it.. I have learned the hard way and have had small profits turn into small losses turn into enormous losses.. so this is where one must use up front write it out stick it on your computer get a tattoo on your forearm at what point will you sell.. and you must use a stop loss and you need to understand the Dynamics of what a stop loss is because there's a stop loss limit there's a stop loss limit stop.. or you can just sell it Market but you need to understand Market orders take preference over a limit and in a fast Market I have had my limit orders passed over and had a small loss turn into an enormous one because of that.

  • 10baggerbamm 10baggerbamm: what I do I do have certain technicals from a chart that I look at and Bollinger bands or at the top of the list and Macd . and I do try to determine the best time of entry I'm not a big fan of buying breakouts and chasing momentum because look at the idiot said bought gold this morning and watched it go parabolic only to crash 100-point swing in the price of gold believe me when I tell you they are hating life right now. so once I determine my entry point generally I invest half of the monies that I would like to own in the company why half because there's circumstances that arise where the stock may fall and I want to buy more to average down. for newer investors what I recommend is you take a third of your money and buy whatever the company is at the point that you Dean you want to enter once they conclude a quarterly earnings and they beat the street the numbers are great the margins are expanding they project higher profitability you buy another third of that stock that company. as time passes maybe next quarter another contract the company's knocking it out of the park everything is going great they're firing on all cylinders you buy your other third and don't worry where the stock price is when it happens because if you're looking at the big picture for something that you're going to hold for an extended period it doesn't matter.

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