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        None of the guru in twitter call this bottoms play 0.09 like I said they will only call it when crossed 0.1130 bcoz the charts say so

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        • AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP : Alvin alert loading 0.09 and resistance 0.16

        • 102415025 : Will this go up or plunge today ?

        • Mr sai : Missed that resistance to get out . Hopefully it will continue go higher

        • taijahmed75 : @Alvinnnnnnn89 yes indeed, you did inform us very early stage for this as usual. I also hope it will go at least .20-.25 soon.  Thank you Alvin for your all time great picks…

        • Dons hobby : I have been following Alvin more than a year now. When he started he was good but I have to say he is better than when he started and like I said he was very good when I started following. I appreciate you my friend you have made me a lot of money over the past year or so. And even with me making the mistakes I made by holding to long or missing entry or some other stupid thing or misunderstanding on my part. I am still way ahead of any play I follow Alvin in.
          That's just my experience and I am glad I  have the chance to be able to have it.

        • smt403 : Thanks Alvin. Loaded again. Let us see where it goes

        • AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP Dons hobby: Yea I do admit I’m trying to avoid the problem when my call go wrong last time , I’m trying to face it now and understand the root causes

        • Wee newbie AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP: been following u for few months now. been losing about 75%  cos of my inexperience,  nevertheless still learning from u.

        • Ken12 : Been following you since I started about 5 months back, most of the loss is due to my stubborn self, chasing even after it boom, getting in/cutting loss too late.
          Most of my money is stuck on MCOM at the moment, my average is about 0.05+, still hoping for miracle...
          Will consolidate my strategy real soon, and hopefully can break even before the cny...

        • Dons hobby AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP: Can't be perfect Alvin, but if you look back at your calls for the last year or so, they have been great that's why a lot of people are always looking for what you are doing my friend because it's valuable information to a lot of people.

        Influential mooer of October
        I’m instinct based traders , I hate reading charts ! My prediction is magic!