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        My trade that fomo recently with bad entry but end up beautiful trade ! I’m trying to tell don’t need to ask me wat is good entry , im not good either ! Make urself free

        $Reliance Global Group(RELI.US)$ first entry 1.25 hoping it hold for 2+ move but closing at 0.8+ , so i heavy load 0.8+ to average down and green with profit today hit 1.42 high with my PT 1.4
        $LumiraDx(LMDX.US)$ first entry 0.1012 and moving side for 2 week at 0.076-0.09 heavy loading around 0.08-0.092 average down and go green with profit hitting my target 0.16 PT
        $Heart Test Laboratories(HSCS.US)$ first entry at 0.1995 and dips down 0.17-0.19 for few days but i managed to load the dips at 0.18 and sold at 0.27 PT near to 0.29 resistance
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        • GoldfishOG : Hi 👋

        • Nuyoah : The last few calls have been great ❤️

        • Seraphicall : Good job

        • Stockmarker : Can’t wait for true FDA approval for $Heart Test Laboratories (HSCS.US)$ and hopefully good news for $LumiraDx (LMDX.US)$ such as buyout. ( Today should be releasing the earning reports

        • MikeyMikeMike : My experience loading dips is start light load. I always reload if drops 10% below average. Sometimes, I wait beyond 10% if I read it is going lower. I use charts for this: RSI, MACD, KDJ, CR, VOL, along with the 1D, and MIN CHARTS, all in conjunction.  My opinion is charts are only good Intraday, and short-term. Long-term is news and market sedimate. Most of all, don't be greedy, don't be scared, learn from your mistakes. Make yourself a set of rules and stick by them.  Hope this helps.

        • AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP MikeyMikeMike: True but I’m always busy ,no time to monitor charts . I can only learn to read the bid and ask

        • ailan : I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!
          Thank you for having you along the way
          May everyone be safe, healthy, and happy for the rest of their lives!
          Thanks Alvin, I learned

        • ailan MikeyMikeMike: Hello! What is starting a light load?

        • MikeyMikeMike AlvinnnnnnngeniusOP: I don't really monitor anymore. Through practice, I have gotten use to spending just a few minutes, to determine trajectory. However, there is no perfect recipe. Now, if I could just use it to determine sell, I'd be good. Seems we're polar opposites on buy and sell sides. 😄

        • Abdullahhh : Hi I'm just curious, what indicators do you guys use to predict max limit of the stock price? I have seen comments like certain stocks could go up to 100 - 300% within days or weeks. my selling strategy now is to refer to the ask price and sell in stages. but I might sell the stocks too early.

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        Influential mooer of October
        I’m instinct based traders , I hate reading charts ! My prediction is magic!