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        markets on the rise after Powell states " he's very interested in seeing higher levels of employment for those illegal aliens and convicts as soon as they get out of prison "

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        • MindOverMatter : illegal aliens are hard workers compared to a lot of pampered libs america is raising.

        • intuitive Jackal_354OP MindOverMatter: oh I agree, but the key word was illegal,  and to think he want to hire from inside our prisons is very disturbing to me

        • MindOverMatter intuitive Jackal_354OP: I understand I think america needs to change the feeling of entitlement .With that comes drive with that comes prosperity.

        • MadGuineaPig MindOverMatter: a lot to do with greed. large companies will pay people who are hard up well before paying a living wage. a single American cannot live off of 14 an hour but a half dozen from a third world country in a single dwelling will live like kings. junkies will work for peanuts and live out of a dumpster for that next draw of meth or crack. so its clear for a greedy ceo who needs his 7 figure check to live a comfortable life. our biggest problem is greed runs the companies that run our government now. not aliens or Americans trying to earn a meager wage just to live.

        • intuitive Jackal_354OP MadGuineaPig: exactly,  now where on Powells mandate does it say he's responsible to go to prisons to recruit the work force ?

        • MadGuineaPig intuitive Jackal_354OP: they don't give a damn about the workforce. its just smoke. they take millions of low wage jobs. we now scan bag our own groceries and its only to better the companies bottom line. while increasing the % of destitute Americans. all they want is complete control.  first low wage jobs then middle wage jobs will fall while we fight each other over politics