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Is it still enough to save enough money and be patient to go through the bottom

$Trump Media & Technology(DJT.US)$ Last year's SPAC was full of junk stocks, mostly medium calcium. You know, it has been listed domestically for a long time if conditions are available; it is a wave of fraud when it comes to the US. As a result, after the SPAC was launched, they all had to go to the book value or even the expected book value in a year or two, and go for 3 yuan or even 1 yuan (on the one hand, VC PE was sold off; on the other hand, market makers were unwilling to take it). On the other hand, when DWAC signed the agreement that year, Truth was a purse company. When President Sichuan paid out of his own pocket, it also attracted many people, and did not introduce VC PE. It respected the contract very much. There was no objection to this increase of 10 times 20 times. When the two are combined, the long and vicious battle will definitely continue for a while, then a 20 yuan or something forcibly redeeming/demanding the exercise of power, and then finally fall.
Biden is a scepter of liberal democracy. More disdainful than Peron, and still controlled by young girls. If Biden continues to do the national campaign, there will be no more. After all, the financial owner's dad comes first, the good son comes third, and the national interest is the lowest. It's not as good as Empress Dowager Cixi. However, it is a bit paranoid to think that Chuan will still win. You probably don't know how funny brainwashing is. So far, there are people who say Trump will go to the concentration camp Yunyun after being elected (as if he has never been president)
Oikawa's continuing problem is that she's not very attractive to women. Women, in particular, are easily brainwashed, and Mr. Chuan is no longer the handsome, chic and personable Wang Zong he used to be. In fact, Ginga Beauty Boy Barron Gap came out one year to help in the election. Unfortunately, Sister-in-law Chuan was not happy. In business, big and beautiful women still need to take selfies.
The agency bought 1 Warrant Turbine DJTWW for 14 yuan, and 1 empty share for 37 units. If the stock price remains above 20 (depending on the contract for details), the right will be forcibly opened, and the agency will exercise 11.5 rights. After deducting interest on processing fees, a net profit of 10+ yuan. The stock price is 13 to 20, and there is no open licensing. If you buy cover shares directly on the market, making money from a short position is also higher than the cost of a turbine, and you can keep a turbine. If you want to drop more, earn more. Basically, it's risk-free. Retail investors can't play like this because it's hard to borrow shares, and the handling fee is 1 to 200, and they have to go the extra mile. (Institutions can borrow more, because retail investors lend shares in margin accounts, brokers lend them). Turbines are sold at such a cheap price, mainly because few people buy them, and some arbitrators have to cash out.
Of course, retail investors can buy turbines while also selling long-term naked calls or selling call spreads to directly hedge, but this is contrary to the original intention...
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