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Fake news brought this from 200 to 140

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ time for a rerate
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  • 10baggerbamm : fake news seriously they sell a car which is a commodity item they cut prices which reduces margins reduces your profits which means you don't have pricing power you don't have price and control which means people are choosing to buy other vehicles. Elon Musk guided down on the amount of new vehicles multiple times already this year so everything was going backwards profit margins and volume that's about as real as you get when it comes from the horse's mouth

  • Shroomie 10baggerbamm: it's called squeezing the competition, and it's a good strategy to weed them out. Tesla is in a good place to endure a little pain to make sure others don't grow up to compete

  • 10baggerbamm Shroomie: I think you are really screwed in the head pal Tesla is the one being squeezed because several Chinese manufacturers (BYD) are able to produce the vehicles at a fraction of the price of Tesla and still make a profit because they're subsidized by the government of China so Tesla has to cut prices in order to sell anything. the term that you're referring to by the way it's called price fixing which is an economic term where you cut your prices to the point where you hope the other guy goes out of business before you and then you raise your prices up and that's not what's happening here

  • Shroomie 10baggerbamm: byd only has China... no need to worry about it