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ESPR is the Probably the Most Undervalued Stock on the Market, Offers 2500% Upside. 2 FDA Approved Blockbuster Drugs. Billions in Sales Expected. Buyout Expected.

$Esperion Therapeutics(ESPR.US)$ Esperion (ESPR) stock price has dropped from a recent high of $3.40 a share to $2.31 on FALSE claims of dilution. The price drop offers an amazing buying opportunity.

Huge News On Mar 25.2024 U.S. FDA Approved Broad Labels for NEXLIZET and NEXLETOL, now regular doctors can prescribe and Insurance will cover the cost. My wife was just prescribed NEXLIZET and insurance now covers it, her primary doctor prescribed it instead of a Statin drug, she has NO side effects. More than 70 Million Americans take statin drugs & 18 million Americans are maxed out on Statins, and 14 million Americans are statin intolerant. The only option is Ezetimibe, a once daily oral pill launched in 2002 and had went generic in 2017. Ezetimibe had $38 billion in sales before it went generic. Roughly 8 million Americans take Ezetimibe, but will phase out 2/3rds because Nexlizet is over 3 x more effective.

Nexlizet is now 1st inline over PCSK9 injections $Amgen(AMGN.US)$ had $1.9 billion in 2023 in sales for its PCSK9 injection drug Repatha. Heart place, which has 55 Cardiologists. Dr Sadi Raza is the head Dr, he expects most Doctors will now try new patients on Nexlizet before a PCSK9 injection.

Kaiser has over nearly 300,000 patients taking a PCSK9 injection twice monthly, Kaiser, which has 12.5 million members will save an estimated $900 million a year switching 200,000 patients to Nexlizet (once daily oral pill). $2,000 drug cost savings per patient and $2,500 visit per cost per patient YEARLY.

Esperion CEO Sheldon had a fireside chat with Needham this week, you can re-watch the presentation from Esperions website event tab. It's important to note there will be NO need for capital raise, the CEO said ESPR will be profitable this year, and said the balance sheet is very strong after the raise done in Jan this year. He mentioned the VA hospital they are working with for patients to start Nexlizet and or Nexletol. Two big Insurance companies will be onboard by June 1st 2024. $25 million will be paid by Daiichi Sankyo Europe (DSE) in a milestone payment in the next few months. DSE is seeing excellent prescription growth, with the U.K growing 15% per month, DSE will be well over 350k patients by year's end, ESPR will be receiving 25% royalties and it goes straight to the bottom line.

Otsuka will have phase3 finished this year in Japan, ESPR has upto $600 million in milestones expected, and $130 million will get paid this year to ESPR.

The upside is extreme for ESPR, the demand for mostly Nexlizet is huge, it is anticipated by 2027 over 2 million patients will be using Nexlizet. The yearly revenue will be $9 billion, and the stock price will be north of $50 per share. I follow Brinks on Twitter and he has over 7 million shares. He see the upside returns as $Regeneron Pharmaceuticals(REGN.US)$ and $Moderna(MRNA.US)$ and $Jazz Pharmaceuticals(JAZZ.US)$ have generated, he says most don't understand how well Nexlizet works and how much of a demand is needed. ESPR is like buying $Apple(AAPL.US)$ or $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ or $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ or $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ or $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ like Brinks did in 2014, before these stocks took off 1000x+ . Do some real research and get some shares.

Once ESPR is over $5 a share the company will get far more exposure, the stock price will be marginable and bring in more institutional and hedge fund buying that are restricted from buying stocks below $5.

Patent news will be made public once ESPR has the official document. ESPR was granted the Patent ext until 2031, ESPR will likely get ext to 2041. Also, ESPR Bempedoic Acid is being used in cancer trials and that alone would get ESPR 15 years of patent protection if it's used in another drug.

Finally, Big pharma is seeing many drugs go off patent this year, and that makes ESPR an exceptional takeover candidate, an offer would be $20+ a share when you consider the earnings power and 25% ongoing royalties, which alone could be over $2 billion a year.
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