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$CN HEALTH TECH (01069.HK)$ Hold on to your left over stock....

$CN HEALTH TECH(01069.HK)$ Hold on to your left over stock. it will go up (Be positive) . Anyway I  and many of you already lost most of money on this. It was a big scam. I wish people who cheated others with be happy till they survive.  Anyway later they will be rotten in hell or life become hell now itself.  
Note - still these scammers are active, so be careful. Targeting innocent with different number and name line Mr. Turnbull , Mr. Beck and so on. I am one of them who get into trapped 😂🥲😢
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  • 73226241 : I hope so. But, I think we are going to need more than wishful thinking to recover this stock. The financial news showed positive growth and the purchase of an already profitable business in a rapidly growing industry should have been good news as well. I was expecting the stock to slowly start trending back upwards. Instead, the stock is trending lower and lower. I'm ready to just stop following it for a bit. There's no way I can't get out now but the stress of negative results daily is getting to me. I need to find some wins to revel in!

  • nice Dove_3718 : When one hurts people, it never ends well for the person who did the hurting. Cancer will eat them and there family.

  • 70496892 73226241 : Agree

  • Jaguar8 : I doubt this will go up. Current financial shows loss which auditors found inconsistencies. Even SEHK agents don’t recommend this stock

  • Shanesas78 73226241 : Play options on Nvda its made crazy money on the put side this week it dropped 54.00 in a week. I bought in on Friday last week for the call and the put at a $1042.67 turned $5400 in profit per share!!! Next week it will make up a 3rd of its loss by Tue, if not first thing Monday morning buy your call and put at the same price and time. The point is to strangle the stock. buy at 3:50 today (fridays)
    opinions are like assholes everyones got one this is just my opinion!!!

  • 73226241 : WoW, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I'm just seeing this message. Thanks anyway. I appreciate the thought. Also, I'm going to try to figure out how to send you a friend request. I am a complete neophyte at this and would love to pick your brain from time to time. I don't mind compensating you for your assistance either.

  • Smallfry82 : I have 48000 share I sure hope it goes back up

Started my investment journey in 2018. So far all good. Target to build $5 Million portfolio by 2025 Date - July 2023