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        $Alibaba(BABA.US)$ catching falling knives are extremely dan...

        $Alibaba(BABA.US)$ catching falling knives are extremely dangerous when all odds are against you. when equities are on a tear yet this counter is bleeding month after month. 25% drop in less than 4 months. 😂 it ought to send out a clear message. the worst has yet to come.
        short will definitely be the ideal trade for this year. Next year most likely delist from NYSE. be wise everyone
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        • Mo Odeh : What you think the right price for BABA?

        • 102319027OP Mo Odeh: I wouldn't enter long positions at all. the probability of a delist is too high at this moment given the timing of the announcements and Jack Ma's sale.

        • AlfonsoDex : Depends if u r a trader or investor.
          If you are an investor, you dont care if its a fallimg knife, as long as its undervalued. You buy. Looking at a longer horizon. I am an investor

        • Danielycious 102319027OP: Why is it still at risk of delisting? Just wondering since China counterpart already allowed open book check?

        • 102319027OP Danielycious: that was to protect the overseas investment money from flowing out but it doesn't seem to be working. there are many reports on US funds exiting China stocks in the past few months. allowing access to China companies books' is not a one off but a recurring activity. why allow access when the flow of money is out of China? any savvy investor will be better off investing in Western tech firms than China.

        • AlfonsoDex 102319027OP: Haha i agree with this. So i am mainly invested in the US market

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