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13F filing update: How much of your portfolio is invested in tech stocks?
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13F filing update: What mooers learned from analyzing their portfolio's tech holdings

Hi, mooers. Grin
Thank you for taking part in the "13F filing update: How much of your portfolio is invested in tech stocks?" discussion. We have reviewed all the posts related to this topic and are excited to share with you some of the outstanding ones.Cheerlead
According to the 543 votes we received, tech stocks make up a substantial portion of most mooer's investments. More than 50% of our mooers have invested over 50% of their portfolio in tech stocks, while around 20% hold less than 10% of tech shares in their portfolios.
13F filing update: What mooers learned from analyzing their portfolio's tech holdings
We are curious to understand mooers' focus or trading trend among these tech stocks. Let's explore their responses in greater depth.Party
What's next for AMC?
@Flord: "The stock experienced remarkable price surges in a couple of weeks, attracting global attention and causing major market volatility. The spike was frequently marked by a combination of retail investor solidarity, short squeezes, and speculative trading methods. However, as is typically the case with such rapid climbs, the stock's price underwent major corrections, resulting in successive declines."
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Nvidia Stock: Assessing Another Blowout Quarter
@BrandonnW: "Shares of Nvidia might not have responded the way investors hoped they would after the semiconductor giant delivered yet another blowout earnings report, but the company answered the most important question that has been on the minds of investors: The euphoria surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI is more than hype."
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Is Apple's dividend low?
@PREMOSULTRAA: "Apple has a low dividend yield of 0.55%. It can be a mistake to evaluate dividend yield on its own, however—especially with a stock like AAPL that has a demonstrated record of appreciation. Total return, which includes dividends and capital gains, paints a broader picture. "
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A possible bubble pop in tech
@UncertainInvader: "While I don't doubt the future success and innovations of the tech sector, the valuations are a little crazy at the moment. Maybe after a larger pullback, I will get in. "
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