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        Data Centers in Demand Despite Power Limitations. Here Are the Data Center Stocks to Watch.

        In One Chart wrote a column · 07/29 13:49
        Data Centers in Demand Despite Power Limitations. Here Are the Data Center Stocks to Watch.
        $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$: The company's global data center infrastructure is designed with defense-in-depth strategies and redundancy to ensure data center availability and protect cloud architecture. In addition, the infrastructure is distributed worldwide, providing thousands of online services with data residency, compliance, and resiliency options.
        $Amazon(AMZN.US)$: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud data services platform provided by Amazon, which allows users to buy data space as they scale and adjust their plan based on seasonal demand. Amazon Web Services (AWS) operates over 125 physical data centers in more than 20 countries, with plans to have a total of 34 regions available by the end of 2024. Each region contains 3 to 6 isolated locations called availability zones, which have independent power, cooling, and physical security, and are connected with a redundant fiber-optic network.
        $Alphabet-C(GOOG.US)$: Alphabet owns dozens of massive computing units to run its services while also renting space for its hardware in other data centers globally. Google operates or is developing almost 30 data centers worldwide, supporting its current and future 44 cloud regions, which are built to be highly available, fault-tolerant, and concurrently maintainable.
        $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$: Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company that operates in four segments: Data Center, Client, Gaming, and Embedded. Advanced Micro Devices's data center business saw strong growth in fiscal 2022, with revenue rising by 63% to $6 billion and operating income increasing by 86% to $1.8 billion. This segment is expected to continue expanding in 2023.
        $Oracle(ORCL.US)$: Oracle Corporation provides global solutions for enterprise information technology with its cloud computing service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offering computing, storage, and networking services through data centers located in 22 countries and 34 locations.
        $American Tower Corp(AMT.US)$: American Tower Corp is a global REIT that owns, operates, and develops communication sites. American Tower Corp has expanded its reach in the cloud computing and digital infrastructure sectors by acquiring companies that own and operate data centers. In 2021, it acquired Coresite in a $10 billion deal, which helped the REIT diversify and gain exposure to the high-demand data industry.
        $IBM Corp(IBM.US)$: International Business Machines Corporation is a global company that offers integrated solutions and services through its subsidiaries. International Business Machines Corporation has a long history in computer technology and has been involved in hardware, software, middleware, and consulting services across generations.
        $Equinix Inc(EQIX.US)$: EQIX provides businesses with access to important locations, partners, and opportunities to quickly and effectively expand their digital services, enhance customer experiences, and increase their overall value.
        $Digital Realty Trust Inc(DLR.US)$: Digital Realty Trust Inc is a REIT that provides data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions to leading enterprises and service providers worldwide.
        $Iron Mountain(IRM.US)$: Iron Mountain Inc is a company that offers data center and colocation services and is considered a top provider in this industry. Iron Mountain Inc has 21 data centers located across three continents, providing the necessary infrastructure and services for colocation and interconnection for its customers.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • 73254572 : Hi

        • FearGreed : Nice summary!

        • lightfoot : So much to be said about creating so much energy products so fast when we know the grids should be updated with new and more lines, power plants, nuclear energy.  What happened to common sense, planning. Fast growth, expansion is a calling for failure.   Why do stores close?  The marketing reports were poor information.  Growth is warranted by demand.   Product evaluation.  We live in a foolish world of greed that interferes with competition.  Ask Budweiser.

        • lightfoot : The economy has arms and legs.  I always liked the HP quote. WHAT IF?  It is not enough to build an economy without evaluation and strong market analyses.  I have no confidence in Wall Street, Boards of Corporations, Disney,  No intelligence, no contentment just stupidity and greed

        • lightfoot : The next generation will be failures

        • UgoFreeMan : keep them coming...Thumbs UpDroolSmile

        • 70969186 lightfoot: I fully agree, Elon Musk has said our grid needs to triple at a bare minimum and it seems no one wants to address this. With no new nuclear plants even planned, battery packs will not keep up. As a retired electrician, the grid was overloaded five years ago, when I was working.

        • Babak Mardas : Hello  ❤️🌹❤️

        • 104371487 On Paris : thank you